Can I convert MSI to exe?

You can compress your msi into .exe with all supported files used for extraction at the time of installation.

How do I make an MSI executable?

Use MSI to EXE Converter tool to convert MSI to EXE . “2. It’s said this code Run(@SystenDir & ‘\msiexec /i “‘ & @ScriptDir & ‘\program. msi”‘) can convert MSI to EXE….To convert EXE to MSI file, do the following:

  1. Select setup executable file.
  2. Enter the command line arguments.
  3. Click the Build MSI button.

Does MSI or exe download?

The main difference between the two extensions is their purpose. EXE is used mainly to indicate that the file is an executable one. In comparison, MSI indicates that the file is a Windows installer. While an MSI is used only with installers, this is not the case with EXE.

Can I extract an MSI file?

Windows has the ability to allow the MSI file contents to be extracted using the Command Prompt or via a script. Simply open the Run box (Win+R) or a Command Prompt and type msiexec to get a list of arguments.

What app opens MSI?

MSI files are normally packed in zip-archives, so to see them, you will have to unzip them first. You can use unzip-apps such as built-in Archive Utility or download A-Zippr, The Anarchiver or other apps to extract the file. Right-click on the . MSI file, choose Open With and select your Zip extractor.

How do I get msi product code from exe?

You can retrieve the MSI installed packaged product code on the windows OS using PowerShell with Get-Package or Get-WmiObject command. In this example, we will retrieve the product code of 7-zip. You can use the tagid or mentioned properties to filter the product code.

How do I create an msi installer?


  1. Go to Server > OS deployment > Software modules.
  2. Click New software to run the software wizard.
  3. Select Windows Vista/2008/7 or Windows 2000/2003/XP and click Next.
  4. Select A Windows application installation, using Microsoft Installer (MSI) and click Next.

What is MSI installer vs exe?

MSI is an installer file which installs your program on the executing system. Setup.exe is an application (executable file) which has msi file(s) as its one of the resources. Executing Setup.exe will in turn execute msi (the installer) which writes your application to the system.

What is Windows exe and MSI?

An .exe file is a non-MSI installer or bootstrapper, which can include one or more MSIs packaged into it, while an MSI file only allows one. So an EXE can run multiple MSIs, i.e., a needed dependency on . NET, and gives the users extra control of the installation process.

How do I get MSI product code from EXE?

How do I extract an EXE file?

Use WinZip

  1. In order to open an exe file without installing it, make sure to right-click on the Windows Installer files and extract their contents.
  2. WinZip supports a lot of archive type files, such as ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, 7Z, GZ, ISO, IMG, TAR GZ, TAR, GZIP, GZ, and many others.

How do I download an MSI installer?

In the start menu, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator. Locate the MSI file for the version of the Excel Add-in you want to install. This is the Downloads folder by default. You can hold shift and right-click the file to copy its path.

How to create MSI package from exe file?

Launch your .exe file.

  • When you see the first prompt (e.g.
  • Open Windows Explorer,type %temp% in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Sort the files in the folder by the modification date.
  • Copy the MSI file to a safe location before you close the installer prompt window (see step 2).
  • What is the difference between Exe and MSI?

    msi is a file extension of windows installer which is a software component of Microsoft Windows used for the installation, maintenance, and removal of software. Whereas, exe is a file extension of an executable file that performs indicated tasks according to the encoded instructions. The main difference between msi and exe is their usage.

    What’s the difference between an EXE and a MSI installer?

    An EXE is an executable file while an MSI is an installation package.

  • MSI is exclusive to installers while EXE is not.
  • An MSI provides a standard GUI while an EXE provides GUI flexibility.
  • An MSI can do installation on demand while an EXE can’t.
  • How to convert Exe to MSI with Advanced Installer?

    Open Advanced Installer. You will be presented with a dialog window where you can choose the type of project you want to create.

  • Select the “Simple” type.
  • Uncheck the “Use wizard…” option.
  • Press the[Create Project]button.
  • Your new project has been created,which means you can now edit it.