Can I send a silent text on iPhone?

All you need is a notification. Either find one on your Lock screen or swipe down from the top of your iPhone or iPad to open the Notification Center. (On the iPhone X, swipe down from the top-left.) Swipe from the right to the left on a notification you’d like to deliver quietly.

Why can’t I hear my text alerts?

Make sure the Notifications are set to Normal. Go to Settings > Sound & Notification > App Notifications. Select the app, and make sure that Notifications are turned on and set to Normal. Make sure that Do Not Disturb is turned off.

What are TT files?

A TT file is a Visual Studio Text Template, developed by Microsoft. tt file extension for its source files. It is Microsoft’s template-based text generation framework included with Visual Studio.

Can you create a text message template on Iphone?

Tap on the ‘Settings’ in the bottom right corner. Click on “Quick templates” underneath the ‘Mail’ section. Scroll to the bottom and select “Add template” Type in your new text and select the check mark in the top right corner to save.

What is a text template?

Text messaging templates provide pre-set text that can be used to quickly send common text messages without typing the message itself. For example, if you are “running late” or “in a meeting”, this feature lets you send those replies simply by choosing them from a menu, instead of typing out the whole phrase.

Why doesn’t my iPhone make a sound when I receive a text?

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and verify that Show on Lock Screen is toggled on. For sound alerts, also check that Settings > Notifications > Messages > Sounds has an alert type selected and does not display None or Vibrate Only unless that’s the setting you want.

How do I customize my response to text messages on Android?

Tap General settings, then scroll down (if necessary) and tap Quick responses. On the following screen, you’ll see a list of the quick responses Android provides to you. To change these, simply tap them, then enter a new quick response when prompted. If you like your new quick response, go ahead and tap OK.

What does only send SMS and MMS messages mean?

You can send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages through the Messages by Google app . Messages are considered texts and don’t count toward your data usage. Tip: You can send texts over Wi-Fi even if you don’t have cell service. Just use Messages as you normally would.

What is a text from 6245?

The code 6245 is when either you send or receive a txt msg from an email address or send and recieve an instant message from the app called Mobile IM from VZW. This app is located in the regular multimedia and some Smartphones devices and in the Motorola Devour(Android).

How do I set up auto reply for text messages on my Samsung?

To set up automated text responses in Android Auto, first open the app. Slide out the left sidebar and choose Settings. Under the Notifications section, tap Auto reply. Here, you can customize the text that appears when you auto-respond to a message.

How do I answer a text message?

Answer Calls With Text Message on Android Phone

  1. As your Android Phone is ringing, slide up from the bottom of your screen (See image below).
  2. You will see a list of ready to use or canned responses that are available on your Android Phone.
  3. Tap on “Sorry, I’m busy” or any ready to use response that you believe is right for this call.

How do I preset a text message?

To schedule, long press “Send” to open the sending options. Select “Schedule Message.” Select the date and time you want to send the message. Tap “Send” to confirm.

What is a message template?

The message template feature is used to create a set of standard message that allow you to use previously configured text to reply to messages or send new messages. This means that you do not have to manually type out the text of the message on your device.

How do I send a text message from my phone?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the phone’s texting app.
  2. If you see the name of the person you want to text, choose it from the list.
  3. If you’re starting a new conversation, type a contact name or cell phone number.
  4. If you’re using Hangouts, you may be prompted to send an SMS or find the person on Hangouts.

Why do I have a text message notification but no message?

If your Android is constantly notifying you of new or unread text messages that don’t exist, it’s usually due to your messaging app’s cached or saved data. Sometimes these issues will clear up automatically upon receipt of a new message, so try asking someone to send you a message first.

How do I get sound when I receive a text?

How to Set Text Message Ringtone in Android

  1. From the Home screen, tap the app slider, then open the “Messaging“ app.
  2. From the main list of message threads, tap “Menu” then choose “Settings“.
  3. Select “Notifications“.
  4. Select “Sound“, then choose the tone for text messages or choose “None“.

How do I change the sound when I send a text on iPhone?

Set the alert sound for messages

  1. Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics (on supported models) or Sounds (other models).
  2. Tap Text Tone, then do one of the following: Tap Vibration, then choose an option. Tap a sound below Alert Tones. Tap Tone Store to download an alert sound from the iTunes Store.

How do I turn off the swoosh sound when I send a text?

Question: Q: Turn off Swooth Sound on Outgoing Message You have to go into settings>sounds>text tone. Change either to vibrate or none. I prefer vibrate. Next step, while it is time consuming, so worth it.

Should I use SMS or MMS?

Supported Media: SMS can only support media via links that are attached within a text. MMS allows you to embed rich media, such as images, audio files, short video clips and GIFs. Cost: MMS messages typically cost more than SMS because MMS messages transmit more data. The price for bulk SMS and MMS varies by provider.

How do I get notifications from certain people?


  1. Open Android Messages.
  2. Tap the contact that has this icon displayed.
  3. Tap the three stacked dots in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Tap People & options.
  5. Tap Notifications to toggle on and off.

How do I turn off the sound when I send a text?

Notifications: turn off sounds & vibrations

  1. Tap your Account icon .
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Notifications.
  4. Tap Disable sounds & vibrations.
  5. Select your desired Start time and End time.

How do I create a text template?

Touch the “Menu” button on your phone and tap “Templates” to select the template you want to use. You can also use the preconfigured emoticons or SMS lingo abbreviations like “lol” for “laugh out loud.” When done, tap “Send via” from the “Menu” options and choose the way you want to send the SMS from your phone.

What does it mean when you send a text and it says MMS?

Multimedia Messaging Service

How do I turn on the swoosh sound?

Scroll down under the section ‘Sounds and Vibration Patterns’. You’ll see the option Set Mail (with Swoosh as the default option). Touch that and change it to anything else you want – or choose ‘None’ if you need no sound at all. If you just hate hearing that sound temporarily, then mute your iPhone volume.

How do I convert MMS to text?

On your android phone, you can also restrict or disable the MMS sending / receiving. To do this, go to the following setting: On the messaging App, Tab on Menu options (three little dots), then go to Settings. Then More Settings and Select Multimedia Messages.