Can I study at Yale for free?

Open Yale Courses provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.

Which popular Yale course is available for free online?

And the topic is how to be happier in your daily life. In the spring of 2018, the Yale psychology professor Laurie Santos unveiled a new course, Psychology and the Good Life. The subject was happiness.

Can I take online classes at Yale?

Yale is one of the top schools in the world — and you can take some of its online courses for free. Free Yale online courses range from behavioral finance to the science of happiness. Below are 14 free Yale courses you can take online. You can browse more on Coursera here.

Where can I find free college lectures?

5 Web Resources for Free Online College Course Lectures

  • Open Culture. Open Culture has more than 530 free online college course lectures on topics including these downloads available on iTunes:
  • Open Courseware.
  • The Best Colleges.
  • Academic Earth.
  • Virtual Professors.
  • Course Marks.

Can you get full scholarship in Yale?

Yale University Scholarship 2022 is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is offered for undergraduate, masters and PhD. Yale Scholarship can vary from a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 per year; the average Yale need-based scholarship is over $50,000.

What is the most popular class at Yale?

Yale’s most popular class in history teaches you science-backed steps to becoming happier. Professor Laurie Santos’ free online version, The Science of Well-Being, is also incredibly popular.

How can I watch free lectures?

  1. free college course lectures.
  2. free courseware.
  3. free MIT lectures.
  4. free Stanford lectures.
  5. free video lectures.
  6. free video taped lectures.
  7. free Yale lectures.
  8. open courseware.

Can I watch college lectures online?

With a computer and an internet connection, you can now access free classes online from some of the very best colleges and universities around the world, as well as free lectures. A growing number of schools are making video and audio materials available, either through their own websites, YouTube EDU, and/or iTunesU.

How do you get a Yale 100 percent scholarship?

Yale University scholarship is awarded to cover 100% of the financial need demonstrated by the family. They take into account your parent’s income, assets, and finances to determine your scholarship amount.

How much do dorms cost at Yale?

Yale offers students both housing and dining options. The on-campus housing charge for a typical student was $9,400 in 2020, and the price of an average meal plan was $7,200. Check out Yale University predicted prices for on-campus housing, dining plans and other expenses in the following table.

What’s better Harvard or Yale?

In the 2020 edition, Harvard is ranked third in the world and Yale 17th. Both excel across the full spectrum of academic subjects, and both (like all the Ivy League schools) are based within the north-eastern New England region.

How many views do Open Yale Lectures get on YouTube?

A number of their top lectures have also been posted to YouTube, with some garnering 100,000’s of views over the past few years. We’ve rounded up the 50 most watched Open Yale Course lectures on Youtube, and provided a bit of supplementary info just in case you want to check out the courses as well!

What is the Yale Courses channel?

The Yale Courses channel provides entry into the core of the University–its classrooms and academic programs–including complete sets of lectures from the Open Yale Courses initiative. Complementary syllabi, transcripts, and other resources may also be accessed from the Open Yale Courses website listed below.

Are the lectures available as downloadable videos?

The lectures are available as downloadable videos, and an audio-only version is also offered. In addition, searchable transcripts of each lecture are provided. Please note that we have recently removed Craig Wright’s, “ Introduction To Classical Music ,” and Ian Shapiro’s, “ Moral Foundations of Political Philosophy ,” from this site.

What is the license for Open Yale Courses?

Most of the lectures and course material within Open Yale Courses are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. Unless explicitly set forth in the applicable Credits section of a lecture, third-party content is not covered under the Creative Commons license.