Can you extend the shaft of a trolling motor?

Always Go Long: If you’re struggling to decide between two lengths, pick the longer one. If the shaft ends up being a bit too long, you can always adjust the shaft depth upward with the depth collar adjustment found on nearly all trolling motors. But if you pick a shaft that’s too short, you’re simply out of luck.

Can you change the shaft on a Minn Kota trolling motor?

Re: DIY shaft replacement on a Minnkota You will need a pipe wrench or a special clamp to remove the shaft. Be sure to loctite (#271 Red) the shaft when installing it to the motor.

Does shaft length matter on trolling motor?

Choosing the correct trolling motor shaft length is important so that the angler’s electric motor does not cavitate, creating fish-spooking noise. The rule of thumb is that the top of the motor section should be submerged 12″.

How do you adjust a Minn Kota trolling motor?

Adjust the Tension Follow the cable to the pedal, and locate the tension screw under the pedal. The screw is near the wire entry point. Turn the screw to the right to increase tension or to the left to relieve tension. Do one to two turns, and then test before continuing to turn.

How do you measure shaft length on a trolling motor?

Measure down from the mounting surface of the transom or bow to the water level. Add 5″ to waterline measurement for fishing in rough water. Add 12″ to waterline measurement for steering a hand control motor while standing. Use this measurement and the tables below to find the appropriate trolling motor shaft length.

How deep should I run my trolling motor?

What size wire should I run for my trolling motor?


5 FT
30 lb. 30 10 AWG
40 lb., 45 lb. 42 10 AWG
50 lb., 55 lb. 50 8 AWG

Can you shorten the shaft on a Minn Kota Terrova?

If you are worried about clipping the wires, you can use a length of pipe that fits inside the shaft. Run the wires inside the pipe to a point below the cut length and cut the shaft to the desired length. Thanks for the responses.

How long should the shaft be on a kayak trolling motor?

How do I select trolling motor shaft length?

0″ – 10″ 30″
10″ – 16″ 36″
16″ – 20″ 42″
Over 22″ Consult Factory

How far should your trolling motor be in the water?

A trolling motor’s ideal propeller should be at a depth that keeps about 6 inches of water above the blades. In other words, the centerline of the motor and the prop shaft should be about 12-18 inches below the waterline, depending on the make, model and dimensions of the trolling motor.

How do you measure the shaft on a Minn Kota trolling motor?

How to disassemble a Minn Kota?

An open space

  • Fuel should be nil
  • Discharged battery
  • Rigid platform to place the motor
  • Appropriate tools
  • A torch
  • A dry cloth
  • Some lubricant
  • How to replace a Minn Kota trolling motor prop?

    The composite shaft requires periodic cleaning and lubrication for proper retraction and deployment.

  • The propeller must be inspected and cleaned from weeds and fishing lines after every use.
  • Verify the prop nut is secure each time the motor is used.
  • How to repair Minn Kota foot pedal?


  • Speed Control
  • Cable Damage
  • Connector and Pins
  • Clean Dirt and Sand
  • If defective,and it can be fixed,the Maximum cost to you is only$105!*
  • If the foot pedal tests Good,we return it at no charge.
  • Return Shipping is always FREE within the contiguous United States.
  • Allow 10 days for service
  • How to install Minn Kota Power Drive trolling motor?

    TROLLING MOTOR INSTALL & RIGGING DIAGRAMS. Diagrams outlining the accessories and cables required to connect a trolling motor to a 12v, 24v, 36v, or 48v system. TROLLING MOTOR INSTALL/WIRING DIAGRAMS.