Can you say noted with thanks?

In a formal email you say “Thank you” “Noted with thanks” is used occasionally. Yes, you could use that phrase in an email in a business context, as an acknowledgement of some information you’ve been given.

What do you call a teacher’s assistant?

Teacher’s aides are called many things depending on the school or district. They can be referred to as teaching assistants, TAs, instructional aides and paraprofessionals.

Do professors like thank you emails?

Professors are people too — they appreciate if they are told “job well done, thank you!” emails. Most of us try to be good teachers, make the material and the way we present it, interesting to our students.

How do you express humble gratitude?

Best Words of Thanks

  1. I’m wearing the smile you gave me.
  2. TYFBA!
  3. A BIG thank you with a lot of love!
  4. Thanks a million!
  5. I cannot thank you enough for your help!
  6. Please accept my vehement protestations of gratitude.
  7. Thankful and grateful to have you as a friend.
  8. We’d love to express our gratitude for your generous gift.

How do I ask my TA for help?

Monday Master Class: How to Talk to a TA

  1. The TA Factor…
  2. Instead: Be specific! Explain what you tried.
  3. Instead: Provide a list of specific things you find ambiguous.
  4. Instead: Refer to the advice given for Rules 1 and 2.
  5. Instead: It’s okay to try to meet a TA outside of official office hours.
  6. Instead: Make sure you understand the problem.

How do you write an email to a teaching assistant?

And so, here are some suggestions for how to write an email to a professor or a TA….Amitabha Bagchi

  1. Open with a salutation. Start your email with “Dear X,” on a separate line by itself.
  2. Sign off at the end.
  3. Write in sentences.
  4. Don’t use abbreviated words.
  5. Don’t use all uppercase.
  6. Think before using emoticons.

What is a fancy word for thank you?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for thanks, like: much-obliged, I thank you, appreciation, grateful, gratitude, gratefulness, acknowledgment, ta (British), thankfulness, blessing and thanksgiving.

Do teachers like thank you letters?

Teachers don’t tend to get thank you notes very often so we mostly appreciate it when we do. If you are writing it because you are giving other teachers notes and don’t want to leave one out then don’t. Short answer: If it feels right, I hope you do so.

How do you address teaching assistants?

Generally you can address teaching assistants using their first names. If you aren’t sure how you should address one of your instructors, ask. It is also generally a good idea to include a salutation (“Dear”) and end with something like �thanks�.

How do you address a graduate student instructor?

Assuming that the Professor you’re speaking with is a tenure-track Professor, it be appropriate to address them as Professor. A tenure-track professor is someone who has the title of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. If the person in question is not tenure track, such as a Sr.