Can you see who reads your story on Wattpad?

You can’t, but if you go to your story page and click on ‘stats’, it will show you how many people read your story, where they are from, their demographics, and how many people read each chapter, etc.

What does the star mean in wattpad?

2) What does it mean to be a Wattpad Star? Being a Wattpad Star means that you are one of Wattpad’s best and brightest. Your promising talent and exemplary community engagement have shown us that you’re someone who takes their time on Wattpad seriously, and we want to return the love that you’ve shown us.

Is wattpad still popular 2019?

Wattpad has a passionate community of readers, currently over 70 million. I would expect this number to grow, as the company has some major investors behind it and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. As a writer, finding a passionate and engaged readership is often half the challenge.

How do you find stories you voted for on Wattpad?

If pertaining to the activity logs within Wattpad like voting on a story or following someone, you can find it within your Profile at the lower right corner of the app under Activity tab.

What does the eye symbol mean on Wattpad?

That means they don’t have a story on their profile page with numbers staring at them right in the eyeballs day after day. The number one free reading app in the world is Wattpad.

Do your own reads count on Wattpad?

The read count isn’t exactly accurate, considering that they do count reads from yourself, and it is split among the chapters. Also, when you’re editing your story, and you click the ‘view as reader’ button, it will count that as a read too.

What is a wattpad ambassador?

Who are the Wattpad Ambassadors? The Ambassadors are a group of Wattpad users who volunteer with Wattpad to support the community. They help users, assist in organizing stories, run community initiatives and all sorts of other things!

Can you get paid for writing fanfiction?

While authors can get paid to publish, not all fan fiction is welcome. Amazon has teamed up with certain companies – owners of certain copyrighted titles – to allow fan fiction writers to base their stories off of. At those prices, that’s about $0.20 per short story, $0.70 per novella, and $1.40 per novel sold.

Can wattpad read out loud?

On a few select stories, an audio player is now available for users to listen to the story! Using the latest text-to-speech technology, we have made these stories available in audio to make them accessible for more users. This is available as a time-limited test and subject to change.

How do you get noticed on Wattpad?

Here are some tips to get Wattpadders to read your story:

  1. Follow other writers and read their work.
  2. Acknowledge follows.
  3. Respond to comments and suggestions on your work and story.
  4. Engage others in conversation.
  5. Ask for advice.
  6. Use short or catchy titles.
  7. Update your fans.

Can you get famous on Wattpad?

While many Wattpad authors write and publish their stories just for fun, some have become famous and even published books! To publish your work on Wattpad and stand out from the crowd, start by writing great stories.

How many words should a chapter on Wattpad be?

2000 words

Where can I publish my writing online for free?

A Closer Look at the Top 7 Websites to Publish Your Writing for Free.

  • Wattpad is the biggest writer/ reader community.
  • Inkitt. takes the social media aspect of writing and takes it up a notch.
  • StoryBird.
  • Quotev.
  • Commaful.
  • Alter Stories.
  • SwoonReads.

What does it mean when you vote on Wattpad?

Once per story part 100

Can you vote for your own story on Wattpad?

On Wattpad, the ‘vote’ button at the bottom of each book part isn’t actually useless; in fact, its use is very crucial for the person who wrote the story.

What is a star on Wattpad?

If you see this badge, the profile you are viewing belongs to someone in our Wattpad Stars program. The Wattpad Stars program is how Wattpad supports successful writers. We recognize the hard work of our Wattpad Stars and connect them with new opportunities to take their writing to the next level.