Did Motörhead write The Game for Triple H?

“Hammered… I’m kind of ambivalent, it’s up and down. There’s some good tracks on it and there’s some crap on it.” The album is perhaps best remembered for The Game, written by WWE music composer Jim Johnston as the entrance theme for wrestler Triple H.

Who wrote Motörhead?

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister
Motörhead recorded a live version, which was released as a 7″ vinyl single on 11 July 1981. It fared much better than the original single and reached number six in the UK Singles Charts….Motörhead versions.

Songwriter(s) Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister
Producer(s) Speedy Keen
Motörhead singles chronology

Who sang Motörhead?

Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Kilmister, the lead singer and bassist of Motörhead and a heavy metal icon for six decades, passed away Monday after a battle with cancer.

What was Motörhead first song?

In 1978, Motörhead signed with Bronze Records; their first releases on the label were Overkill and Bomber, both in 1979. The albums reached 24 and 12 respectively in the UK, and both spawned UK top 40 singles in “Overkill” and “Bomber”.

Who wrote HHH theme song?

Triple H’s entrance themes have always been exciting to listen to. In a WWE Behind The Theme video, legendary music composer Jim Johnston spoke about how he created HHH’s theme song.

Did Triple H make The Game song?

It was taken on by Motorhead and recorded as a bonus track for Hammered to become WWE superstar Triple H’s new entrance theme, and as such has became his signature song (alongside another Motorhead track, “King of Kings”), having been used from 2001 onwards.

How many members of Motörhead have died?

three members
The day after his death, drummer Mikkey Dee and guitarist Phil Campbell both confirmed that Motörhead had disbanded. By 2018, all three members of Motörhead’s best-known lineup (Lemmy, Taylor and Clarke) had died.

Who influenced Motörhead?

The Beatles
Lemmy was inspired by The Beatles, like many other rock artists, when he was only 17 years old he was at one of their concerts and despite being drunk, this marked his future career.

Who was the drummer for Motörhead?

Phil Taylor
Mikkey DeeLucas FoxPete Gill

When did HHH become The Game?

McMahon–Helmsley Era (2000–2001) By January 2000, Triple H had dubbed himself “The Game”, after stating he was above the top of the wrestling world (as in not merely the “best in the game”, but in fact “the game”) and was nicknamed “The Cerebral Assassin” by Jim Ross.

When did Triple H start using Motorhead?

5: “King of Kings” by Motorhead. King of Kings was used by Triple H starting in 2006. It was usually used as a prelude or for promos, so it was not a song that was heard very often.