DID Super Moms 2015 contestants?

The first team is Siddhesh Ke Stunners, which include Harpreet Khatri, Sudipta Panda, Somya Shree, Devika Handa and Priyanka Rokade. The second team, Mayuresh Ki Mallikayein, includes Swatabdi Sarkar, Rashmita Patel, Pallavi Patel, Sujata Suresh and Monika Sharma.

DID Super Moms season 2 finalists?

The four finalists, Harpreet, Sneha, Soumyashree and Dipashree give their final performances on the grand stage.

Did Super Mom runner up?

The runners-up trophy of the show was Cecille, who was given a trophy and Rs. 5 lakh. The third, fourth and fifth positions were occupied by Shraddha, Zoya and Phulwa, respectively. They received a cheque of Rs.

DID Super Moms season 1 runner up?

Mithu Chowdhury from Kolkata was crowned the winner of the Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 1. Cecille Rodrigues from Goa was awarded the first runner-up followed by Shraddha Shah Raj from Surat who received the award for being the second runner-up.

Who is the winner of DID Super Mom?

housewife Harpreet Khatri
Mumbai housewife Harpreet Khatri was announced as the winner of TV show ‘Dance India Dance Super Moms’ on Saturday (June 13) based on votes from audiences across India.

Who is the winner of Supermom in Zee Tamil?


Presented by Archana Chandhoke, Zaara Vineet
Title Winner Swetha and Hrithik
First Runner-up Preethi Sanjeev and Laya
Second Runner-up Deepa & Godwin and Krithika Laddu & Srika
Genre Reality Show

Did all season winner and runner up list?

Dance India Dance Winners List
Seasons Year Runner Up
Season 1 2009 Alisha Singh
Season 2 2010 Dharmesh Yelnawade
Season 3 2011 Pradeep Gurung

DID Super Mom 2 winner?

At the end Harpreet Kaur wins the trophy of DID Super Moms 2. Because of winning the title of Dance India Dance Super Moms 2 , Harpreet Khatri was awarded with 5 lakhs cash prize money along with the winner title.

DID Super Mom judge name?

#DIDSuperMoms. The lovely judges of DID Super Moms, Marzi & Farah Khan.

Who is the title winner of Super Mom?

Rewarding the winners, in 2019 (Super Mom Season 1), Swetha and Hrithik were crowned as the title winners of the game television reality show. Preethi and Laya were declared as the first runners-up, while Deepa – Godwin and Krithika Laddu – Srika were the second runners-up.

Who is the winner in Super Mom Season 2?


Presented by Archana Chandhoke, Zaara Vineet
Title Winner Coming soon
First Runner-up Coming soon
Second Runner-up Coming soon
Genre Reality Show