Do good explanations have to be true tok real life situation?

The assumption and components do not have to be true as long as they allow people to understand the concept in question. In other words, the validity of an explanation depends on its ability to make people understand a particular concept. Therefore, in natural sciences explanations do not have to be true.

What makes an explanation good?

Reason, Familiarity, Unification, Necessity and Causation We now have three important features of explanation: there is a distinction between knowing that and understanding why, the why regress is benign, and good explanations may be self-evidencing.

What are real world problems in math?

Real-world problems Informal “real-world” mathematical problems are questions related to a concrete setting, such as “Adam has five apples and gives John three.

What is a real world problem example?

Examples of real-world problems might include limited water supply, land usage, the coexistence of animals and humans, or the effect of wildfires on a local community.