Do they still make Magic Hat beer?

Magic Hat will remain in business, FIFCO said, shifting all production to an upgraded brewery in Rochester, New York. Some Magic Hat beers, including select packages of No. 9, are already brewed in the Rochester plant, which received a $50 million update in 2018, according to FIFCO.

What kind of beer is Magic Hat #9?

Fruit Beer
#9 is Magic Hat’s “not quite” Pale Ale. Says the brewer: “a beer brewed clandestinely and given a name whose meaning is never revealed….See if this product can be shipped to you.

ABV 4.6
State VT
Style Fruit Beer
Food Pairing This Fruit beer is best paired with a salad, mild cheeses or light desserts.

Who bought Magic Hat Brewery?

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
Know that wherever Magic Hat is made, you will always be a part of its personality, social conscience, and DNA for years to come.” According to a press release, Vermont-based Zero Gravity Craft Brewery will purchase Magic Hat’s brewery and equipment and take over its lease. The deal is set to close on July 1.

Where did Magic Hat brewery move to?

FIFCO soon began producing some Magic Hat beer at their Genesee Brewing Company plant in Rochester, New York, but the Vermont brewery continued to operate as well. In June 2020, FIFCO announced that it intended to consolidate the rest of Magic Hat’s brewing operations to the Rochester location.

Who owns Magic Hat #9?

Magic Hat is currently owned by the Costa Rica-based Florida Ice & Farm Co., aka FIFCO USA, and will vacate its “brewery and performing arts center,” known as the Magic Hat “Artifactory.” That space will be purchased by Burlington’s own Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, which has been in operation since 2004.

Who Makes Magic Hat #9?

Magic Hat Brewing Company
#9 | Magic Hat Brewing Company.

Where did Magic Hat move to?

How much did Magic Hat sell for?

of Magic Hat, sold for $388 million.

Where is Magic Hat beer made?

Magic Hat Brewing Company

Location South Burlington, Vermont United States
Opened 1994
Key people Alan Newman
Annual production volume 154,236 US beer barrels (180,992 hl)
Owned by North American Breweries

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