Does a bone scan show stress fractures?

Bone scan: A bone scan may be used to see stress fractures that cannot be seen on an X-Ray. During a bone scan, a tracer (a radioactive substance) is injected into your bloodstream. The tracer collects in the bone and settles in the areas where the bone is being repaired.

How is a hip stress fracture diagnosed?

The diagnosis of a hip stress fracture will be confirmed by an X-ray, or, if the fracture is difficult to find, a bone scan or MRI. Treatment will depend on the severity of the fracture. In cases of mild pain and no major mobility impairment, crutches and a change in physical activity or nutrition may be recommended.

How do you scan for a stress fracture?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An MRI is considered the best way to diagnose stress fractures. It can visualize lower grade stress injuries (stress reactions) before an X-ray shows changes. This type of test is also better able to distinguish between stress fractures and soft tissue injuries.

What does a stress fractured hip feel like?

Most patients with stress fractures of the hip feel pain in the front of the groin while standing and moving. Rest usually makes the pain go away. Patients may limp. Strenuous activities, such as running and climbing stairs, may be so painful the patient must stop doing them.

Why would a doctor order a bone scan?

Why might I need a bone scan? Bone scans are used primarily to detect the spread of metastatic cancer. Because cancer cells multiply rapidly, they will appear as a hot spot on a bone scan. This is due to the increased bone metabolism and bone repair in the area of the cancer cells.

Can you walk on a hip stress fracture?

As the pain gets better, you can slowly resume normal activities such as walking. Also, cross-training activity such as cycling and swimming is allowed to maintain your fitness. Your physiotherapist will prescribe exercises to strengthen your hips and lower legs to protect you from future bone stress.

Does a hip stress fracture require surgery?

Hip stress fractures can become very serious injuries that require immediate treatment. While not every hip stress fracture will require surgical treatment, immediate modification of activities in order to relieve symptoms and allow the bone to heal is a necessity.

Do stress fractures show on MRI?

MRI Scans. An MRI scan can reveal a stress fracture up to two weeks before it’s visible on an X-ray. This test uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create two- and three-dimensional images of structures inside the body.

Can you walk with a stress fracture?

Doctors do not recommend walking when you have a stress fracture because it may reopen the partially healed fracture, and you may have to begin the recovery process again. Although you can walk, doctors would recommend staying away from hard surfaces and not walking long distances.

Will walking on a stress fracture make it worse?

Stress fractures usually cause dull pain around the site of the fracture. This pain usually gets worse while exercising, walking, or standing. Another symptom is swelling in the area.

Do Hip stress fractures show up on X-rays?

While some hip stress fractures will be seen on X-ray, some X-rays may appear normal. If the injury is still suspected, an MRI or bone scan can also be obtained to evaluate for a stress fracture. Hip stress fractures require the immediate cessation of activities that place stress on the joint.

Can a bone scan show a stress fracture?

Nuclear medicine Bone scans can show evidence of stress fracture within a few days upon the onset of symptoms. As a modality, it is considered less sensitive than MRI 5. Stress fractures on bone scintigraphy appear as foci of increased radioisotope activity (‘hot spot’) due to increased bone turnover at the site of new bone formation.

What is a stress fracture of the hip?

When a stress fracture occurs in the hip, it usually involves the femoral neck, the short section of bone that connects the head of the femur to the main shaft of the bone. The femoral neck is a thinner part of the femur. Stress fractures are hairline cracks in the bone that can grow larger over time if not treated properly.

How long do stress fractures take to show up on Xray?

It can take several weeks — and sometimes longer than a month — for evidence of stress fractures to show on X-rays. Bone scan. A few hours before a bone scan, you’ll receive a small dose of radioactive material through an intravenous line.