Does Clifford Chance offer a vacation scheme?

Clifford Chance offers you the opportunity to join a global law firm with one of the most pre-eminent legal practices in the world. Our Open Days and Vacation Schemes give you those first insights into a dynamic career in law. Our Training Contract will transform you from a talented beginner to a professional lawyer.

Is it hard to get into Clifford Chance?

Typically, Clifford Chance has around 3,000 applications to whittle down to only 90 eventual places. The person reading the application is looking for reasons to reject it, so make it hard for them to reject you.

Is Clifford Chance a good law firm?

Clifford Chance LLP is an international law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and a member of the “Magic Circle”, a group of London-based multinational law firms. It ranks as one of top ten largest law firms in the world measured both by number of lawyers and revenue.

What is special about Clifford Chance?

Clifford Chance offers expert advice to clients on all aspects of commercial law around the world. Our international reach continues to expand, with offices in every single major business centre in the world. A career with Clifford Chance means the opportunity to become a truly world-leading expert in commercial law.

What makes Clifford Chance different?

What makes Clifford Chance lawyers different? Firstly, our collaborative and adaptable culture. We work together across borders, languages and legal systems, sharing insights and expertise to achieve our clients’ commercial goals. Secondly, we are pioneers, working on many groundbreaking deals.

How many trainees does Clifford Chance have?

Clifford Chance offers about 95 training contracts, which is split into two intakes starting in March and September each year. In the autumn 2021 retention round, the firm again scored 70%, keeping 37 of 53 qualifying trainees.

How much does a partner at Clifford Chance earn?

Clifford Chance’s top partner paid £3.2m in 2021 – Financial News.

What does Clifford Chance pay?

Clifford Chance has matched Allen & Overy and Linklaters in raising the base salary for newly-qualified solicitors to £107,500. CC confirmed it is increasing the base salary of its NQs to £107,500, up from £100,000, effective from 1 November 2021.

How does Clifford Chance make money?

Corporate and banking work are the dominant revenue generators for the firm, which also has a growing litigation and dispute resolution practice. To characterise the firm in three words, Clifford Chance is big, international and corporate.

How many training contracts do Clifford Chance Offer?

five lawtech training contracts
Clifford Chance offers five lawtech training contracts (included within the 95 figure). All lead to qualification as a solicitor.

What is a good Watson Glaser score?

It is wise to aim for a Watson Glaser test score of at least 75%. To score 75% or higher, you will need to correctly answer at least 30 of the 40 questions. The employing organization will use your test results to compare your performance with other candidates within the selection pool.