Does Honda still make the CB 1100?

Honda discontinued the CB1100 in the U.S. market a while ago, but it still lived on (and was quite popular) in countries that haven’t had to comply with stricter emission regulations yet.

How much does a Honda CB1100 cost?

Motorcycle Insurance:

BASE MSRP(US) $12,199.00 Find Your Local Honda Dealer
Dealers Honda Dealers
Warranty 12

How much is a Honda CB1100EX?

The Honda CB1100EX 2021 price in the Philippines starts from ₱816,000 .

How fast is the Honda CB1100?

Honda CB1100 Bike Overview This 1140cc model is perfect for a first time rider on a ‘big’ bike, 88bhp and a top speed of 125mph to match, the CB1100 is predictable and reliable.

What years did Honda make the CB1100?

Honda CB1100

Manufacturer Honda
Production 2010–2022
Assembly Japan
Predecessor Honda CB1100F
Class Standard

What is the seat height of a Honda CB1100?

The Honda CB1100 RS seat height is 795 mm (31.3 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.

How fast is the 2014 CB1100?

115 mph
Hit the jump for more information on the Honda CB1100EX. Top Speed: 115 mph (Est.)

How much does a CB1100 weight?

Honda CB1100 Type1 Specs In this version sold from year 2011 , the dry weight is 243.0 kg (535.7 pounds) and it is equipped with a In-line four, four-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 87.17 HP (63.6 kW) @ 7500 RPM and a maximum torque of 92.00 Nm (9.4 kgf-m or 67.9 ft.

Is CB1100 fuel injected?

A sporty-natured 4-inline air-cooled bike, the 2010 CB1100 Naked is literally packed with power and ready for both urban commuting and fast rides on winding countryside roads. 2010 brings precise fuel injection and a more comfortable seat, with standard 41mm forks and adjustable Showa shocks in the rear.

What is the seat height of a Honda cb1100?

Honda CB1100

Manufacturer Honda
Dimensions L : 2,180–2,200 mm (85.8–86.6 in) W : 800–835 mm (31.5–32.9 in) H : 1,100–1,130 mm (43.3–44.5 in)
Seat height 780–785 mm (30.7–30.9 in)
Weight 240 kg (540 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity 16–17 l (3.5–3.7 imp gal; 4.2–4.5 US gal)

Where can I buy a 2013 Honda CB1100?

2013 Honda CB1100, This unit is Located at: Parkway Cycle For information please call: 617-544-3810 YOSHIMURA EXHAUSTFRONT FAIRINGVERY 2014 Honda® CB1100, Retro Honda with classic Honda reliability as well as being fast! 2014 Honda® CB1100 Modern. Classic.

What kind of engine does a Honda CB1100R have?

Today’s classic and very striking Honda CB1100R was based on the CB900F and built to homologate Honda’s big-bore sportbike for endurance racing. It was powered by a 1062cc version of their air-cooled four that featured plenty of exotic go-fast bits, made 115hp, and motivated a claimed 520lbs dry.

What is a CB1100R?

The CB1100R was built for a purpose, and from those homologation roots rapidly developed into a stunning street bike. There were three distinct models in the CB1100R line, one for each of the three years the bike was in production.

How much is a 1983 Honda CB1100R worth?

A good month for classic Honda’s as this 1983 CB1100R sold as well for $23600. Sold to one of our readers was this very handsome 1997 Aprilia RS250 for $8100.