Does Kaspersky support Mac OS?

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac will run on any Mac with macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later.

How do I install Kaspersky Endpoint on Mac?

Select the Remote Management check box.

  1. On a device that will be used as a server, install Apple Remote Desktop. For instructions, see Apple website.
  2. Run the installation DMG package.
  3. Open Apple Remote Desktop.
  4. Click Scanner and select the devices to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac.
  5. Then click Install.

Is Kaspersky Total Security available for Mac?

You can use your Kaspersky Total Security licenses to install Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, which is an Editors’ Choice for Mac antivirus. As the name suggests, it’s truly a security suite, not just an antivirus.

How do I activate Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 on Mac?

Open Kaspersky Security Center. Go to the Tasks node and click Create a task in the right frame….Remote activation through Kaspersky Security Center

  1. Select networked devices detected by Administration Server.
  2. Specify device addresses manually, or import addresses from list.

Does Kaspersky Security cloud free work on Mac?

Kaspersky Security Cloud is a comprehensive solution that protects you on all your devices. Working on all main operating systems – including Windows, iOS, macOS and Android – it comes with a range of advanced security tools and technologies, including ones that adapt in real-time to protect you 24/7.

How do I remove Kaspersky Endpoint Security from my Mac?

Uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security

  1. Open the DMG file of the application distribution kit.
  2. In the window with the contents of the distribution kit, double-click Uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security.
  3. In the uninstaller window, click Uninstall.

Does Kaspersky work with Mac Big Sur?

Patch B for Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac version 21.0. 0.464 was released on October 20, 2020. In patch B, full support for macOS 11 (Big Sur) has been added.

How do I download Kaspersky Total Security on Mac?

How to install Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  1. Download the installer from the Kaspersky website.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Double-click Install Kaspersky Internet Security.

How do I uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 on Mac?

How do I activate Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business?

To activate the application using the Add key task:

  1. In the main window of Web Console, select Devices → Tasks.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Configure the task settings:
  4. Select devices according to the selected task scope option and click Next.
  5. Select the license that you want to use to activate the application and click Next.