Does Thames Television still exist?

After Thames was acquired by FremantleMedia it was merged with another Fremantle company, Talkback Productions, to form a new independent production company, Talkback Thames; consequently, Thames ceased to exist as a separate entity.

When did Thames TV lose its franchise?

31 December 1992
Thames Television was a franchise holder for a region of the British ITV television network serving London and surrounding area on weekdays from 30 July 1968 until the night of 31 December 1992.

Where was This is Your Life filmed?

The Euston Road Studios, located next to London’s Euston Tower, were purpose built for Thames Television in 1969, and the company used the larger of its studios – Studio 5 – for This Is Your Life for nine years between 1969 and 1978.

What is the meaning of Thames?

Thames. noun. (tɛmz) a river in S England, rising in the Cotswolds in several headstreams and flowing generally east through London to the North Sea by a large estuary.

Where is Thames based?

Thames, part of Fremantle in the UK, is Britain’s leading producer of quality entertainment TV, and is home to the UK’s biggest and best entertainment programmes.

Did anyone refuse This Is Your Life?

Only two people have ever refused the honour. They were footballer Danny Blanchfolower in the 1950’s, who never did the show, and the author Richard Gordon, who said no live on air in 1974 but was persuaded to stay for a show that was broadcast a week later.

Did Michael Parkinson present This Is Your Life?

Among those paying tribute are actors Peter Davison and Patricia Hodge, and writer and comedian Eric Sykes. The presenter of That’s Life since 1973 was surprised by Michael while recording an edition of that long running consumer affairs programme at the BBC Television Centre.

What is the Maori word for Thames?

Thames (/tɛmz/ ( listen)) (Māori: Pārāwai) is a town at the southwestern end of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand’s North Island.

Why is Thame called?

Where Does the Name ‘Thame’ Come From? The town of Thame takes it name from the river Thame, which flows through the Vale of Aylesbury to Dorchester-on-Thames, where it meets the river Isis, or Thames, and flows on towards London.

Can you swim in Thames?

Where Can You Swim? The PLA allows swimming to take place upriver of Putney Bridge through to Teddington. It is permitted in this area only but be reminded that it is still a busy section of the tidal Thames for leisure and recreational activities.

How do you say Thames in English?

Instead, the “Th” is pronounced simply with a “T” sound. Second, the “a” is pronounced as if it were an “e”, like in the word “dress”. Therefore, as heard in the audio pronunciation, the correct way to pronounce Thames in English can be phonetically written as Tems.

Who owns Thames TV?

Thames Television was acquired by Pearson Television in mid-1993. Pearson Television was itself sold by Pearson plc to the RTL Group in 2000, and rebranded as FremantleMedia in 2001.

What happened to Thames studios Euston?

Following the loss of Thames’s franchise, the Euston Road base of Thames was sold off and demolished. The site of the studios is currently occupied by Triton Square and the registered headquarters of the British operation of Spanish bank Santander.

Where is Thames TV filmed?

The former ABC studios at Teddington became Thames’s main production base. Thames’s corporate base moved to its newly constructed studios and offices on Euston Road (next to Euston Tower) in 1970, when it relinquished Television House, Rediffusion’s former London headquarters.

What happened to ITV Thames and Euston?

Thames’s subsidiary production company Euston Films continued to produce many of Thames’s highest-profile drama contributions to ITV network programming to the end of its ITV franchise. These included Reilly, Ace of Spies (1983), Jack the Ripper (1988), Capital City (1989–1990), and Anglo-Saxon Attitudes (1992).