How are CGC landran placements?

Placements: Around 70-80% of students were placed in our course. The highest package offered in this course is 42 LPA, the average package is 30-40 LPA, and the lowest package is 10-20 LPA. Infrastructure: Our college has really good infrastructure. The campus life is good.

How is CGC Jhanjeri placement?

Placement Highlights. Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri has excellent placement records. The students are placed in some of the well-known companies like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Flipkart among others. The overall placements statistics consist of more than 6,617 offers with the highest salary offered of 35 LPA.

Which is best for placement Cu or CGC?

Overall, CU is the better choice looking into the facts of better infrastructure and campus. For candidates wanting to stay close to Chandigarh, CGC can be a better option.

Is landran CGC good?

CGC Landran is a good opt for CSE. The placements are also good. Last year highest package for CSE was about 30lpa. The average package gone about 4 to 4.5 lpa.

What is the average package of Chandigarh University?

Chandigarh University Placements 2022 Report

Particulars Placement Statistics (2020-21) Placement Statistics (2021-22)
No. of Offers 7412 7500+
No. of Students placed 7412
Highest CTC INR 36 LPA INR 52.11 LPA
Average CTC INR 8 LPA

What is the fee structure of CGC Jhanjeri?

Chandigarh Group of Colleges – Jhanjeri (CGC Jhanjeri), Mohali Courses and Fees Details

Course Duration Total Fees
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) 3 Years 1,48,000
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) 3 Years 1,48,000
B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture 4 Years 2,77,000
Master of Technology (M.Tech) 2 Years 1,42,000

Is CGC Jhanjeri good?

The placements are good. The highest salary package was offered was 36 LP a for 20-21 and the average salary package offered every year is 7.8 lpa. More than 500 companies offer Placement in our college.

Which is better CGC landran or CGC Jhanjeri?

CGC Landran is a bit greater in area than CGC Jhanjeri. But at the same time, the facilities are better in Jhanjeri. Faculty: Speaking of faculty, CGC Jhanjeri has a heavier pan as the teachers there are better in terms of experience because it’s newer than CGC Landran as is it growing.

Which is better Chandigarh University or CGC?

Cgc wins here too. Scholarship- Chandigarh university beats cgc here, one can avail 50% tuition fees discount here just by scoring 9.6 or above cgpa in X class.

Which is better CGC or chitkara?

There is a good and effective crowd in Chitkara University, whereas the crowd of CGC Landran is a little backward and sluggish….Which college is better in all aspects: CGC Landran or chitkara University?

Particulars Chitkara University CGC Landran
Overall Fees (B.Tech) 4,96,000 3,48,000

Which is better LPU or Chandigarh?

LPU is much better than any other University. It is a UGC recognized and a renowned University and is considered as one among top 5 universities of the country because of its quality education and unbeatable placements, immense on course exposures and a beautiful 600 acres campus to live in with latest facilities.

Is CU good for CSE?

From Microsoft Innovation Center and IBM Software Lab for Emerging Technologies to technical computing skills, Chandigarh University offers the best research facilities in Computer Science Engineering to provide you with a great career in computer programs and applications.