How can I check my LIC value?

Your Branch: Your Branch will be able to tell you the exact value of your policy. Please contact your nearest LIC Branch. Your Agent: Your agent has all the information about your policy, consider contacting them. Customer Care: Call LIC Customer care and ask about your policy NAV and current value.

What is LIC Money Plus policy?

LIC Money Plus Policy ensures a regular premium paying term. The best part is the plan offers both investments as well as insurance during the entire policy term. Eligibility Criteria of LIC Money Plus Plan. Policy Term – 10, 15 to 30 years. Entry Age: Minimum is 0 (age last birthday), Maximum age is 65 years.

What is LIC fund value?

The total monetary worth of the units owned by the policyholder is termed as fund value. You can calculate the fund value on a particular day by multiplying the net asset value (NAV) of each unit on that particular day by the number of units held. The fund value keeps changing basis the NAV.

What is LIC Market Plus?

LIC Market Plus I is a unit linked deferred pension plan that is available with or without the option of Life cover. The plan offers added benefits of being able to choose the level of cover within limits of the policy that are dependent on payment mode of premiums and the value of premiums paid.

What is Nav Jeevan?

Nav Jeevan plan is a non linked, with profit, Endowment Life Assurance plan. The main feature of this plan is that the policyholder has the option to choose between two premium payment options i.e., single premium (or) limited premium payment term of 5 years.

How can I surrender my LIC Market Plus policy?

After the completion of the 3rd policy year, the insured person can surrender the policy. The surrender value given to the policyholder is the fund value on the date of giving up.

What is Money Plus?

MoneyPlus is a tax-favored accounts program that allows you to save money on eligible medical and dependent care costs. You fund the accounts with money deducted pretax from your paycheck.

What is LIC Money Plus Plan 180?

Lic Money Plus Plan No-180 Introduction Money Plus plan is a unit linked endowment plan Introduced On – 20/12/2006 Withdrawn On- 15/08/2007 which offers investment cum insurance during the term of policy. Hence, life cover is compulsory under Money plus plan.

What is NAV Jeevan?

How can I buy LIC shares?

Interested subscribers can apply in lots, where one LIC IPO lot comprises 15 LIC shares. One applicant can apply for a minimum of one and a maximum of 14 lots. The minimum amount needed to apply for the LIC IPO is Rs 14,235. The LIC IPO price band has been fixed at Rs 902 to Rs 949 per equity share.

Is Surrender Value of LIC Market Plus policy taxable?

Premiums paid towards LIC market plus plan are eligible for tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Commuted benefits paid out as a lump sum are tax-exempt under Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Which is the best LIC policy?

Best LIC Plans List for 2022

LIC Policies Plan Type Policy Term
LIC Jeevan Umang Whole Life Insurance 100 years minus(-) the age at entry
LIC Jeevan Amar Term Assurance Plan 10 years-40 years
LIC Money Back 25 years Money Back Policy 25 years
LIC New Jeevan Anand Endowment Plan 15 years-35 years

What is LIC Money Plus plan?

One such plan is the LIC Money Plus Plan, which is a unit-linked endowment plan formulated by the Life Insurance Corporation of India. This means that the premiums are to be invested as units of a unitized insurance fund. *All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan.

Is it easy to pay for the premium amount of LIC India?

It’s really easy to pay for the premium amount of my lic India term plan. Also, I pay it online because it is transparent in nature. I bought this plan like about 4 years back and continuing it for its safety purposes.

How to calculate LIC ULIP Nav?

NAV = (Market Value of All Securities Held by Fund + Cash and Equivalent Holdings – Fund Liabilities) / Total Fund Shares Outstanding. Here you can get Lic ULIP Plans Nav value (Net Asset Value). Lic NAV for the day is displayed for the users Convenience.

What is your review of LIC term insurance?

I have lic term insurance plan which is very beneficial for me and my family members from last few years. The policy coverage is high and the premium is less. Service is fantastic which is facilitate by the executives and members.