How did the baby elephant get out of trouble with the crocodile?

Baby elephant has a lucky escape when a crocodile tries to drag him into the watering hole… until mum comes to the rescue. This baby elephant had a very lucky escape after a crocodile tried to bite off his trunk – only for his mum to come to the rescue.

Who would win in a fight an elephant or a crocodile?

An elephant would win a fight against an alligator. Alligators are too prone to stomp attacks from an elephant, and they cannot inflict fatal wounds on an elephant. They can’t bite and death-roll an elephant’s leg, and they certainly can’t reach an elephant’s head.

Do crocodiles eat baby elephants?

The elephant may then die as a result of not being able to eat and drink properly, or even breathe. On the other hand, a crocodile is most likely to kill a baby elephant and is most successful in its watery turf.

How the elephant got its trunk crocodile?

He wanted to know what the crocodile had for dinner. Since no one would tell him, he went down to the banks of the Limpopo to find out for himself. When he bent down to see, the crocodile bit his nose – and pulled until it was ‘nearly five feet long’. That, Kipling smiled, was how the elephant got its trunk.

What was advantage number one?

What was ‘advantage number one’? Golu hit the fly with his elongated nose which was disturbing him. Then python reacted by saying it to be his advantage number one.

How long was GOLU nose after being pulled?

Answer: Golu’s nose was five feet long after being pulled. 11. What did Golu do to cool his nose? Answer: Golu wrapped up his elongated nose in a big banana leaf and hung it in the great, grassy Limpopo River to cool.

Who would win Tiger vs elephant?

An elephant would win in a tiger vs elephant fight. The tiger is undoubtedly a fierce beast, and it might stand the best chance out of all other land-dwelling animals of successfully hunting an adult elephant. Yet, the elephant’s size and power are simply indomitable.

What elephants use their trunks for?

The trunk is also used to drink by sucking up water and squirting it into the mouth. Finally, elephants use their trunks for greeting, caressing, threatening, and throwing dust over the body. The elephant’s trunk has about 15,000 muscles and it takes baby elephants quite some time to learn to master its use.

Why is the elephant’s trunk so long?

Why do elephants have a long trunk? The elephants’ trunk is an extension of their nose that fuses with their top lip. They use it for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and, to grab things such as food.

Which animal has GOLU never?

Answer: Phython is the right answer.

What cut off an elephant’s trunk?

No one knows for sure what lopped the trunk off—be it a predator or a snare—but the loss is not one to take lightly. An elephant’s trunk, also known as a proboscis, can be used to breathe, bathe, transport water to its mouth, and grasp objects for eating.

What happens if an elephant is caught in a trap?

While the snares are typically meant for smaller animals that are hunted for their meat or hides, elephants and other large animals often become entangled in them by mistake, and this problem threatens wildlife throughout Africa. “Trunks that are caught in snares tend to be severed,” says Wittemyer.

What happened to the baby elephant in the Kruger?

While a snare seems most likely, these experts agreed that the calf may have fallen victim to one of the many predators present in the Kruger. After all, elephants grow up surrounded by hungry mouths.

What would an elephant look like if it had no trunk?

In such a case, it would probably look more ragged and less clean. While the calf’s lack of a trunk is the worst Poole has seen, other elephants have shown a remarkable adaptability toward dealing with similar injuries.