How do I change the bit rate of an MP3?

Windows Media Player (For Windows) Open Windows Media Player, pull down the “Organize” > “Options” > “Plug-ins”. Choose “Background” > “MGTEK dopisp” > “Properties” from the “Category” list. Under the “Conversion” tab, check “Re-encode MP3 files which exceed a bitrate limit”, and then change the bitrate for MP3.

Which MP3 encoder is the best?

Today, LAME is considered the best MP3 encoder at mid-high bitrates and at VBR, mostly thanks to the dedicated work of its developers and the open source licensing model that allowed the project to tap into engineering resources from all around the world.

What is the best bitrate to convert MP3?

For most general listening 320kbps is ideal. Of course, CD-quality audio that stretches to 1,411kbps will sound better. To determine the best audio bitrate you need to also assess your needs.

Can you convert bit rate?

You cannot gain quality by increasing the bitrate. This is exactly correct. You will actually reduce the quality of your MP3 file if you try to convert up the bitrate. If you want a higher bitrate MP3 than you currently have, you need to go back to the source (CD, etc) and extract that audio at full quality.

How do I make a 16-bit audio file?

Step by Step Conversion

  1. Step 1: Open the File. Select File -> Open to open your sound file.
  2. Step 2: Check the File Properties. See the red circled text.
  3. Step 3: Split and Mix Stereo Sound (if necessary)
  4. Step 4: Convert File to 16-bit Audio.
  5. Step 5: Convert to 22 KHz or Less.
  6. Step 6: Export.

What is bitrate in audio?

Bitrate refers to the amount of bits – or the amount of data – a digital audio file contains per second. It’s most commonly used to convey the quality of compressed audio formats, such as MP3 or AAC, in kilobytes per second (kbps).

Is MP3 codec free?

The basic MP3 decoding and encoding technology is patent-free in the European Union, all patents having expired there by 2012 at the latest. In the United States, the technology became substantially patent-free on 16 April 2017 (see below).

Is 160 kbps good enough?

160 / 192 kbps is acceptable for most people, with only a very small difference in perceived quality over higher bitrates. It should be considered a minimum quality bitrate for decent audio listening. It’s a good compromise for mobile connections where bandwidth might be limited.

How do I convert 320kbps to MP3?

Converting MP3 to 320kbps on it is quite easy.

  1. Click “File” > “Open” to load MP3 files to Audacity. Click “File” again, and “Export…” from it.
  2. Under “Format”, select “MP3 Files”. This will make your added file an MP3 format.
  3. Click “Options” to set the “Quality” to 320kbps and click “OK” when all are done well.

How do I convert mp3 to 16-bit?

The following are steps to convert an mp3 file to the telephony format.

  1. Open Audacity, open the mp3 file you have.
  2. Convert Stereo to Mono if the mp3 file is stereo.
  3. Select Project Rate (Hz) to 8000.
  4. Select from File, Export… from the main menu, choose the PCM 16 bit format, and save.