How do I check my Fiji exam results online?

Fiji Exam Results 2022 – – Ministry of Education Exam Results Fiji 2022 Online.

Is Year 13 results out?

The Ministry Education, Heritage and Arts will release the Year 13 National Examination Provisional Results on Friday 29 January 2021.

How do I check my Examresults Gov FJ Year 13 results online?

How to check Fiji Year 13 Results online?

  1. Visit:
  2. Now Ministry of Education Fiji Exam Results 2022 will appear.
  3. Select ” School Year: 2022”
  4. Enter your “FSFE Student ID: *_______”
  5. Enter your “First Name: *_________”
  6. Enter your “Surname:___________” (optional)

How do I find my grade 12 results online?

The examination results for grade 12 (Ordinary and Higher Levels) can be obtained using the online result web application called MY RESULTS ONLINE.

How can I see my marks online?

Last Updated : April 21, 2022

  1. Go to the Department of Basic Education (DBE) website.
  2. Click on the button for examination results.
  3. Click on the NSC exam results.
  4. You will be asked to put in your examination number.
  5. More personal information may be required.
  6. Click the search button.
  7. Your Matric results should appear here.

How can I check my Ngsa result online?

The NGSA results will be available online from 13:00 h. Parents and students are advised to log onto the following website: The candidates’ timetable will provide the necessary information to access these results.

How can I check my grade 12 results online 2021?

How To Check NEB Class 12 Results, Check Class 12 Results with Marks

  1. National Examination Board’s website:
  2. Ministry of Education Website:
  3. Examination Control Office Class 10 – Website:
  4. Nepal Telecom’s website:

How do I check my Year 12 results in Fiji?

The Ministry of Education, Heritage Arts wishes to advise that the Year 12 National Examination Provisional Results will be released on Friday 22 January 2021. The provisional results will be released online and can be accessed on link.

Are the Grade 12 results out for 2021?

The National Department of Education (NDoE) is glad to continue to provide Grade 10, Grade 12 Student’s National Examinations Results for 2021. Every student and parent can go online now to access their examination results in real time.

Where can I get my matric results 2021?

Learners can receive their 2021 matric results by SMSing their exam number to 45856. The system will verify their exam number and provide them with their results. The price per SMS is R1. 50 and free SMSes do not apply.

How can I get my 2021 matric results?

Learners can receive their matric results by using the USSD code *120*45856# and entering their exam number to register. The learner’s matric results will then be sent to their phone once they are available. The USSD service will be charged R1. 50 per minute.

How did matric 2021?

The 2021 matric pass rate is 76.4% up from 76.2% in 2020. 76% of boys who wrote exams passed, the same % for girls too. 120 prisoners wrote matric, they achieved a 89% pass rate. Motshekga says they concede challenges still remain in their sector, inequalities persist.

What is the name of the Fiji year 8 examination?

Ministry of Education – Examinations and Assessment Unit has announced the 2022 Fiji Year 8 Examination Provisional Candidate Results. FEYE (Fiji Eighth Year Examination) was conducted at Class 8 (Year 8) in all schools in Fiji.

How to check Fiji exam results 2020?

How to Check Fiji Exam Results 2020 Individual Result Notice: Every student is provided with an official Result Notice. For the FIE and FEYE, these are sent to the Head Teachers/Principals within a week after the results are released.

How to check Ministry of Education Fiji exam results 2018?

Now Ministry of Education Fiji Exam Results 2018 will appear. Enter Your Date of Birth: (dd/mm/yyyy) *____________________” Final Step : Click on “ Get Results “. Marks may be recounted only for the FJCE, FSLCE, and FSFE.

What is Feye exam in Fiji?

FEYE (Fiji Eighth Year Examination) was conducted at Class 8 (Year 8) in all schools in Fiji. Like FIE, FEYE i.e Eighth Year Exam is also compulsory in Fiji. Ministry of Education conducted FEYE (Fiji Eighth Year Examination) in the month of October once every year. This examination consists of 3 terms in one session.