How do I enable campaigns in Salesforce?

The first step is to turn on the feature, which can be done by going to the Setup area in Salesforce:

  1. Feature Settings -> Marketing -> Campaign Influence -> Campaign Influence Settings.
  2. As seen in the screenshot below, select “Enabled” and hit save.

How do I enable Campaign members in Salesforce?

To add campaign members from the Manage Members page:

  1. Click Manage Members and choose Add Members – Search from the drop-down button on a campaign detail page or the Campaign Members related list.
  2. On the Add Members subtab, select the Leads or Contacts radio button to add leads or contacts, respectively.

How do I use campaigns in Salesforce?

To create a Salesforce Campaign, click on the Campaigns tab. On the right, click New. However, if you don’t have permission to do this, you need the Marketing User checkbox set to True. You find this feature on the User record.

How do I enable campaign hierarchy in Salesforce?

Creating a Campaign Hierarchy Configure field-level security for your fields. Do this by navigating to Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Fields, then clicking on your desired field and choosing “Set Field Level Security”. Do this for all fields you will use. Add your visible fields to the proper page layouts.

Where is campaign member in Salesforce?

Campaign Member Task Overview Use the Manage Members page to search for, add, or edit multiple leads and contacts. To add members one at a time, go to a member’s contact or lead detail page. With the Data Import Wizard, you can add up to 50,000 leads, contacts, or person accounts at a time to a campaign.

Is Campaign member an object?

Campaign Member is an object in Salesforce. When a Lead, Contact, or Person Account is added to a Salesforce Campaign, a new record is generated to represent that they are part of that Campaign.

What is meant by campaign in Salesforce?

In a nutshell, Salesforce Campaigns is a feature that allows organizations to plan, organize, manage and track your outbound marketing efforts.

What is a Salesforce campaign hierarchy?

A campaign hierarchy enables you grouping campaigns together within a specific marketing tactic, which allows you to analyze related marketing efforts more efficiently. A campaign hierarchy illustrates campaigns that are associated with one another via the Parent Campaign field.

Who can view campaigns in Salesforce?

Depending on your sharing settings, users in your org can view campaigns, view the advanced campaign setup, or run campaign reports. However, only designated marketing users with the appropriate user permissions can create, edit, and delete campaigns and configure advanced campaign setup.