How do I find a clan for destiny?

Players can join or request to join Clans in Destiny 2 or from the Destiny Companion on and in the Mobile App.

  1. Players can post and browse the Recruitment Forums for potential Clans to join.
  2. In Destiny 2, players can inspect a player to see their Clan profile.

How do you browse Clans in Destiny 2?

To join from in-game, open up the ‘Roster’ menu and look for someone in that list who’s already in the Clan you want to join. From there, you can view their clan and send a join request.

What is the best Destiny 2 clan?

The Shrouded Gaming Community is one of the biggest Destiny 2 clans around. But it’s not just one of the top Destiny 2 clans — the Shrouded Gaming Community is an entire network of streamers and players that are active in a multitude of games.

How do you get a clan banner in Destiny 2?

Once you join a Clan, visit Suraya Hawthorne (and her bird Louis) at the Tower to collect your Clan Banner. This will go into an inventory slot and will, eventually, start giving your perks. Hawthorne is also where you’ll go to pick up Clan rewards as you earn them.

How do I join a clan?

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  1. Open Clash of Clans.
  2. Rebuild your clan castle.
  3. Tap the blue star with your level in the upper-right corner.
  4. Tap the Clans tab.
  5. Search for a clan and tap the clan name.
  6. Review the clan requirements and tap Join.
  7. Write a join request message and tap Send.

Is Bungie part of Microsoft?

Bungie, Inc. is an American video game developer based in Bellevue, Washington….Bungie.

Formerly Bungie Software Products Corporation (1991–2000) Bungie Studios (2000–2007) Bungie, LLC (2007–2011)
Parent Microsoft Game Studios (2000–2007)

What is the biggest Destiny 2 clan?

Enter Apexus Deft, one of Destiny 2’s largest online clans. With over 6,100 members, several “divisions” (as the game caps in-game clans at 100 members), and an automated Discord server, Apexus Deft sets a shining example for what online gaming communities can achieve.

How do you get clan rewards?

Clan Engram rewardsEdit Clan members can acquire up to four bonus engrams if their fellow clan members complete certain activities together: Complete one Crucible match with clan members. Complete the Nightfall with clan members. Complete the Raid with clan members.

Is Hawthorne a hunter?

Suraya Hawthorne is a human female sniper who left the Last City as a teenager to seek a new purpose. She has taken up residence in the newly established Farm in the European Dead Zone, working closely in conjunction with the Vanguard throughout the Red War.