How do I find my Bacon number?

Here’s how it works: Go to the Google home page ( and in the search field, type in the name of a celebrity followed by “bacon number.” Instead of going ’round and ’round with friends about who was in what movie with whom, Google crunches the numbers for you and badda boom, badda LET’S DANCE!

Who has the highest Bacon number?

“Using one of the actors with the highest known finite Bacon number (7), William Rufus Shafter as the centre of the acting universe instead of Bacon, we can find two actors with a Rufus Shafter number of 15.”

Who has a Bacon number of 5?

This was before the movie Sleepers had been released, so the answer was no. However, De Niro was in The Untouchables with Kevin Costner, who was in JFK with Bacon. And so the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon was born….The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Bacon Number # of people
2 305215
3 1021901
4 253177
5 20060

What is Kevin Bacon’s Bacon number?

Kevin Bacon himself has a Bacon number of 0. Those actors who have worked directly with Kevin Bacon have a Bacon number of 1. If the lowest Bacon number of any actor with whom X has appeared in any movie is N, X’s Bacon number is N+1.

What is Mark Wahlberg’s Bacon number?

For example, Mark Wahlberg and Steve Carell were both in “Date Night,” while Carell and Bacon were in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” together, so Wahlberg has a Bacon number of two and Carell a Bacon number of one.

What is Samuel Jackson’s Bacon number?

Samuel Jackson: 2. Christopher “Stabler” Meloni: 2. Eddie Murphy: 2. Rowdy Roddy Piper: 2.

What is Jennifer Lawrence’s Bacon number?

Jennifer Lawrence has a Bacon number of 1 — she was in “X-Men: First Class,” which included a side of Kevin.

What is Scarlett Johansson’s Bacon number?

The result shows that Johansson has a “bacon number” of two, which means you can get to a movie she’s been in with an actor connected with Kevin Bacon in only two jumps. The result also explains those jumps, listing the movies and actors in the chain.

What is the Bacon number of Mary Pickford?

One answer is that: Then we can count how many links were necessary and assign the actor or actress a Bacon number. Bacon numbers higher than 4 are very rare. In the example above, Mary Pickford has a Bacon number of 3.

What is the Mary Pickford Foundation website?

This website is our virtual office, an immediately accessible research tool and a key element in fostering the Foundation’s mission to further Mary Pickford’s commitment to her craft, her community and her philanthropy while inspiring future generations of women and filmmakers.

How many calories are in a Mary Pickford cocktail?

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What was Mary Pickford’s early life like?

Early life. Mary Pickford was born Gladys Louise Smith in 1892 (although she would later claim 1893 or 1894 as her year of birth) at 211 University Avenue, A Toronto, Ontario. Her father, John Charles Smith, was the son of English Methodist immigrants, and worked a variety of odd jobs. Her mother, Charlotte Hennessey,…