How do I get a human at Verizon FIOS customer service?

You can call 800-837-4966 at any time or download the My Fios app to call a Tech Support Pro agent directly.

How do you speak with a live person at Verizon?

Re: HOW DO I TALK TO A REAL PERSON? To reach an agent more easily during business hours, call customer service at 1-800-922-0204 from a landline or *611 from your phone and select option 4 and say agent.

Does Verizon have 24 hour customer service?

Yes. Verizon Premium Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Call anytime you need technical assistance, even in the middle of the night or on a holiday. We’re always here, waiting to help you.

How do I report a problem with Verizon landline?

Non-customers call 1.800.Verizon (1.800.837.4966).

Why can’t I get through to Verizon?

There are many reasons a call might not go through. Usually this comes down to the strength of Verizon’s network coverage at your location, network outages or disruptions, issues with your account status, device settings on your phone, or a problem with the receiving end of the call.

What happens when you dial 411?

What is the 411 service? The 411 service allows you to obtain the addresses and phone numbers of individuals and businesses entered in the phone directory at all times. This number also offers you information on the weather, movie show-times, or road maps.

What happens when you dial * 611?

*611 or just 611 is the universal Customer Service number. Dialing this number works even if Service is disconnected on a particular Line and minutes do not count towards if you are still on a plan with limited minutes. It connects you to the same place as the 1-public Customer Service number.

What do you do when your landline doesn’t work?

Make sure the phone cord is plugged into the correct port on your phone or device. Unplug the phone or device from the wall jack. Plug your phone or device into another wall jack that you know is working. If the dial tone returns it means the previous wall jack is damaged or defective.

Why does my landline has no dial tone?

If you have no dial tone on your corded phone, make sure it is plugged securely into the wall phone jack. If you have no dial tone on your cordless phone, check the battery and charge it if it’s low. Make sure your cordless phone’s base unit is plugged into a working electrical outlet.

How can I contact Verizon FiOS?

How soon can I have my Fios service installed at my new home?

  • You’ll be able to choose the installation date that’s closest to our move-in date after you submit your online order.
  • What do I need to know if I’m a new customer?
  • How do I call Verizon customer service from my phone?

    Download the My Verizon App to your smartphone.

  • Sign in with your Verizon account information.
  • Select Bill from the dashboard,then select Pay Bill.
  • Enter your payment information and select Make Payment.
  • What is Verizon FiOS technical support phone number?

    Verizon Fios Customer Service Contact Fios Tech Support. 844-837-2262. To cancel service simply call 1-844-837-2262 during business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 am-6:00 pm (ET). Learn more. Preview / Show more . Updated: 2 hours ago . See Also: Verizon landline repair customer service Verify It Show details

    How do I talk to Verizon customer service?

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