How do I get my Wizards DCI number?

Create a Wizards Account by going to and selecting “Create Account.” You can also receive a DCI number and an activation code by playing in an event, then visiting and selecting “Activate DCI Number.”

How do I activate my DCI number?

Go to, select the option to “Activate DCI Number,” and enter the DCI number and activation code from your DCI card. If you no longer have your activation code, please contact our Customer Service team.

What is DCI number DND?

Previously, players would receive a DCI number. This number is up to 10 digits long, and uniquely identifies a competitor in a sanctioned tournament. In 2017, players were encouraged to create a Wizards Account which would include a player’s DCI number.

Does Wizards still use DCI numbers?

You’ll continue using your DCI number for tournaments. If you know your DCI number and you have a Wizards Account already, this will not affect you. Your play history and DCI number will be unaffected regardless—we are not deleting any DCI numbers or play histories from our system.

Can you change your MTGO name?

*Please note that we typically do not allow display name changes once you’ve picked one.

Are DCI numbers still used?

The Grand Prix tournaments at MagFest will continue to use DCI numbers until 2021. “A little piece of Magic history is going away—but the future is bright and more connected across platforms.” the post said.

What does DCI stand for MTG?

Duelists’ Convocation International
The DCI (originally, Duelists’ Convocation International) was the official sanctioning body for competitive play in Magic: The Gathering and various other games produced by Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill until 2020.

What are Planeswalker Points?

Planeswalker Points is a replacement for the system previously used by Wizards to rate and rank Magic players’ participation in sanctioned Organized Play events. It’s a point accumulation system built on a simple premise: Playing is good; winning is even better.

How do I change my wizards display name?

In order to request this, you will have to contact Wizards Support for Arena. Going through this process will not guarantee a name change as they will only allow you to perform the action if you have a good reason.

What is a Wizards account?

The new Wizards Account System makes it easier for you to access and manage many of your existing accounts with Wizards of the Coast, including your DCI, Planeswalker Points, customer support, and community forum accounts.

Does Wotc still use DCI numbers?

Wizards of the Coast has just announced the retiring of the Planeswalkers Points system for Magic: The Gathering tournaments. In a blog post on the Magic website, Wizards writes that your DCI number and the website that lets you track your tournament process back decades will be taken offline on May 27.

Does Wizards still use DCI?

Future in-store play and esports events, as well as other play opportunities, would require players to have a valid Wizards Account which worked with the Magic: The Gathering Companion from Wizards Play Network. This effectively also retired the DCI, although is still exist in name (see Tournament Rules).