How do I get over my fear of smear tests?

Music recommends the following ways to beat your smear test fear and attend your appointment.

  1. Bring a friend or relative. Don’t want to go alone?
  2. Wear something comfortable.
  3. Speak to your nurse if you find it painful.
  4. Remember that cervical screening is not a cancer test.
  5. Make an appointment AND stick to it.

What is a disadvantage of cervical screening?

Limitations of screening The main limitations of cervical screening are: it will not prevent all cases of cervical cancer. some people will still develop cervical cancer despite regular screening. some abnormal cell changes may be missed.

What are the barriers to cervical cancer screening?

Identified Barriers to Receiving a Pap Test Anxiety about the procedure was the third most commonly agreed-upon barrier (38.7%). Feelings of embarrassment (25.6%), anticipation of pain (23.6%), and the presence of a male physician (19.7%) were identified as barriers by one-quarter or less of the women.

What are the risks of having a smear test?

The risks of cervical screening come from removing abnormal cells during a colposcopy and not from the screening test itself. Removing abnormal cells can sometimes cause bleeding or an infection, and it can also affect future pregnancies.

Why am I nervous for a Pap smear?

Anxiety can make attending a smear test very hard. There are many triggers for anxiety , including health anxiety, fear of the unknown, body dysmorphia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or experience of sexual violence.

Can you get a false negative smear test?

False negative results A false negative may mean that you will not have been sent for further tests when there may have been a chance to stop cancer developing. Because of this, it’s important that you: always pay attention to possible symptoms of cervical cancer. attend your screening tests when they are due.

Why is it important to have cervical screening?

Why is cervical screening important? Cervical cancer is preventable. By making sure that you regularly attend your cervical screening, precancerous cells can be detected and removed before they develop into cancer.

Is cervical cancer screening embarrassing?

Feeling embarrassed is a common obstacle to cervical screening. This can be especially true if it is someone’s first test. Any gynaecological examination or test can cause this reaction, because genitals are a part of the body that may not be shared with many others – particularly healthcare professionals.

What are the benefits of cervical cancer screening?

Having cervical screening lowers your chances of getting cervical cancer. Screening finds abnormal cells so they can be removed before they become cancer. HPV is found on the skin around the whole genital area and can be spread through any type of sexual activity.

Can you get a smear test if your a virgin?

So, according to the NHS, if you’ve never been sexually active then you can decide not to have the cervical screening test.

What should you not do before a smear test?

Don’t use any creams, medication or lubricants in your vagina before your smear. Jess advises: “These things can also get into the sample and make it difficult to see. “It doesn’t actually effect the result but it can make it hard for the person who’s looking at the sample to see what it is.”