How do I give permission in TFS?

Right-click the folder or file for which you want to set permissions, and then click Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the Security tab. In the Add users and groups area, select Team Foundation Server Group to set permissions for a Team Foundation Server group. Otherwise, select Windows user or group.

How do I grant access to Reporting Services?

Click Home, and then click Folder settings. From there, create a new role assignment so that you can grant access to the “Content Manager” role. To grant access so that the user can edit or build reports, you can give them additional permissions in SSRS, such as the Report Builder permission to the Home folder.

How do I check user permissions in TFS?

View project-level permissions

  1. Choose Project Settings and then Permissions.
  2. Choose Users. To filter the list, enter a name into the Search groups or users box.
  3. Choose the name you want.
  4. Choose Member of to see which security groups and teams that the user belongs to.

How do I access Reporting Services Configuration Manager?

In the Windows start menu, type reporting and in the Apps search results, click Report Server Configuration Manager. Click Start, then click Programs, then click Microsoft SQL Server, then click Configuration Tools, and then click Report Server Configuration Manager.

How do I add a team member to TFS?

In the Team Foundation Server Group properties dialog box, click Windows User or Group, and then click Add. In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, type the user accounts you want to add, and then click Add.

How do I fix Reporting Services permissions are insufficient for performing operation rsAccessDenied?

Error rsAccessDenied : The permissions granted to user ‘User\User’ are insufficient for performing this operation. Solution: Click “Folder Setting” > “New Role Assignment” Then type “User\User” in the ‘Group or user name text box’. Check the Roles check boxes that you would want the user to have.

How do I give access to SSRS reports to non domain users?

In your scenario, you need to grant the windows user system-level role and item-level role to access report server. Please refer to this article: Grant User Access to a Report Server (Report Manager).

How do I change permissions in TFS?

The server level permission management can be configured through the TFS Administration Console. To do that, you can open the console, click Application Tier, and click Group Membership/Administer Security in the Application Tier Summary section.

How do I list users in TFS?

To get all the users from TFS Server, you can try the code snippet in this similar post:

How do I enable SSRS?

To enable report deployment in SSRS from Reporting Center: In a Web browser, go to the SSRS URL, usually in the following location: http://SeverName/Reports. Click Site Settings > Security > New Role Assignment. Enter the user or group account that deploys reports from the Reporting Center Console to SSRS.

What is the difference between Report Manager and Report server?

1. Report Manager is a convenient web user interface to the Report Server that enables you toview and administer your reports, data sources, and report resources. 2. Report Server is the web service application that functions as your programmatic gateway to the SQL Reporting Services engine.

How do I add a user to TFS 2012?

To add users to the Team Foundation Licensed Users group In the Team Foundation Server Group properties dialog box, click Windows User or Group, and then click Add. In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, type the user accounts you want to add, and then click Add.

How do I assign TFS global permissions?

For User Authentication, type the name of the service account for TFS. Assign the following Global permissions: Admin: Manage Enterprise Custom Fields, Manage Server Events, Manage Site Services, and Manage Users and Groups. General: Log On, New Task Assignment, and Reassign Task. Project: Build Team on New Project.

How to configure tfsadmin Project Server integration?

Choose Windows User or Group and then choose Add. Enter the name of the accounts of users who configure the integration by running the TfsAdmin ProjectServer RegisterPWA/UnRegisterPWA commands. 6. Grant Administer Project Server integration permissions

How to set up Project Server event handler in TFS?

In the ribbon, choose Permissions. Type the name of the service account for TFS, and then choose Add. Make sure that the name of the newly added service account is highlighted, and then select the Full Control check box. Choose OK. Repeat steps 3 and 4, this time add the service account for Service account for the Project Server Event Handler.