How do I identify an Aleppo pine?

The Aleppo pine is easy to identify when it is mature because of its tendency to develop a multi-branched structure. The tops of the canopy have rounded forms and the appearance has an overall “majestic” attribute.

What does an Aleppo pine tree look like?

Aleppo pine trees have gray bark, smooth when young but dark and furrowed as they mature. The trees often develop a romantically twisted trunk. The pine cones can grow to about the size of your fist. You can propagate the tree by planting the seeds found in the cones.

How fast does an Aleppo pine tree grow?

about 10 inches per year
How fast does Aleppo pine grow? An Aleppo pine can grow about 10 inches per year and perhaps a bit more if the conditions are ideal.

Where are Aleppo pines found?

Mediterranean region
Pinus halepensis, commonly known as the Aleppo pine, also known as the Jerusalem pine, is a pine native to the Mediterranean region. Its range extends from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Spain north to southern France, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania, and east to Greece.

What is Aleppo pine used for?

What we use it for: Edible Uses: A resin from the trunk of the tree can be used for chewing and for flavoring wine. Using the resins released by the tree, a by-product can be obtained that can be used as vanillin flavoring.

Is Aleppo pine toxic?

Known Hazards: The wood, sawdust and resins from various species of pine can cause dermatitis in sensitive people.

How big do Aleppo pines get?

Habit: The Aleppo Pine is a small to medium sized evergreen tree that grows on average to 15-25m (49-82 ft) tall with a trunk diameter up to 60cm (24 in) at a medium growth rate.

How tall do Aleppo pine trees get?

49-82 ft
Habit: The Aleppo Pine is a small to medium sized evergreen tree that grows on average to 15-25m (49-82 ft) tall with a trunk diameter up to 60cm (24 in) at a medium growth rate.

How much water does an Aleppo pine need?

Generally, trees need supplemental irrigation to get established, especially if planted after the rainy season. During the first year, irrigate in the amount of 20 – 25 liters of water twice a week. During its second year, a tree needs to be irrigated in the amount of 40 liters once a week.

Are Aleppo pine needles edible?

Pine cones up to 12 cm long and 4 cm wide, clearly conical, with curved stems. The seeds (pine nuts) are NOT edible.

Are Aleppo pine seeds edible?

The seeds (pine nuts) are NOT edible.

What kind of tree is an Aleppo pine?

This tree grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. It is related to fir trees, spruce trees, cedars, hemlocks, and the larches, which are deciduous conifers . The tree’s common name, Aleppo pine, comes from the city of the same name in Syria. Another name for this tree is Jerusalem pine.

Can you grow Aleppo pine from cuttings?

Fertilizer application can cause an overgrowth of the Aleppo pine, so it is not recommended. Propagation is usually carried out through seed germination. You can also take cuttings from the tree in its early years, though they can be slow to take root and grow.

How many needles does an Aleppo pine tree have?

Each leaf bundle—fascicle—contains two or sometimes three needles. Each thin needle is 2 to 4 inches long. As with other pine trees, the Aleppo pine is monoecious, with both male and female flowers on each tree.

Can Aleppo pine be used for waterproofing?

Pitch can also be obtained from the resin and can be used for waterproofing and as a wood preservative. The wood of the Aleppo pine is not of great use in construction because it has poor quality. It had been used for the making of boats in ancient times, but (as time has gone on) it has become less and less useful.