How do I know what size buddy bearings I need?

How to Measure for Correct Bearing Buddy Size You will want to use a digital caliper to measure the inner diameter of the hub bore, where the grease cap sits. When choosing a Bearing Buddy, you will want to choose one that is a few thousandths of an inch larger than the hub bore opening.

How do I know what size Bearing Buddy I need for my trailer?

To determine which Bearing Buddy would fit your trailer you will need either a measurement of the hub on your trailer, or the bearing part numbers. To measure your existing hub it is recommended to use digital calipers to get a precise measurement. The measurement needs to be of the inner diameter of the hub bore.

What is the most common Bearing Buddy size?

Answer: This is the 1.98 Size Trailer Bearing buddy that fits hubs with outside cap diameter of 1.98″. Simply put, you can measure the outside face of your trailer hub to determine the correct width. In addition, this is the standard size for nearly all 4 Lug and 5 Lug trailer hubs.

Why does my Bearing Buddy keep falling off?

If they are off just a little, when the wheel spins the Bearing Buddy can kind of wobble and work itself loose. The do-it-yourself method is to get the Bearing Buddy started then place a block of wood across it and tap it in with a mallet. The wood distributes the force of the mallet more evenly than not using it.

Are Bearing Buddies worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars I recommend these for every trailer. I would never have a trailer w/o Bearing Buddies. I can’t recommend them enough. They keep the grease packed in the bearings while you are rolling down the road and if you have a boat trailer, when you submerge for launching.

Can you put Bearing Buddies on any trailer?

Thanks. Expert Reply: Yes! You can use Bearing Buddies on anything as long as you use the right size and as long as the axles are not EZ Lube axles with the grease fittings on the ends of the spindles.

Can you overfill Bearing Buddies?

This means that you have packed as much grease as will fit into your spindle. Be sure to check that the grease isn’t coming out the… view full answer… Can Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors Be Over-Filled with Too Much Grease It is possible to over-fill a hub that has a Bearing Buddy bearing protector such as #BB1781.

Should I use Bearing Buddies on my boat trailer?

Bearing Buddies are a great way to keep grease in a trailer hub. I recommend them as long as you are aware that it’s very easy to put too much grease in a hub with these which will blow out the seal. They have no problem being used on longer road trips so the would work well for you.

How do I know when my Bearing Buddies are full?

The air pockets inside the hub cavity and Bearing Buddy® will work their way out past the piston (or blue ring) on the Bearing Buddy®. You should see the piston extend out or the blue ring past the front of the Bearing Buddy® when it’s properly filled.

How often should I grease my boat trailer bearings?

So how often to grease boat trailer bearings? Every 3,000 to 3500 miles or annually, whichever comes first. Manufacturers recommend to remove old contaminated grease from the hub and repack with new grease instead of just adding more. Unlike regular trailers, boat trailers get submerged in water on regular bases.

Do Bearing Buddies actually work?

Are bearing buddies a good idea?

Why choose genuine bearing Buddy®?

With Genuine Bearing Buddy® your trailer, hubs and axles will always be protected. We continue selling millions of Genuine Bearing Buddy® around the world and guarantee you safe trips and protection for your investment.

What is bearing Buddy® automatic pressure relief?

The Bearing Buddy® automatic pressure relief feature allows excess grease to escape if the hub is overfilled. Many users tend to overfill, and, during travel, the excess grease can be thrown onto tires and wheels.

What is the bearing Buddy® bra?

The Bearing Buddy® automatic pressure relief feature allows excess grease to escape if the hub is overfilled. Many users tend to overfill, and, during travel, the excess grease can be thrown onto tires and wheels. The Bearing Buddy® Bra is easily removed for checking hub lubricant level.

What is a bearing Buddy® size gauge?

This is a picture of a Bearing Buddy® size gauge card being used to measure a dust cap. It is a credit card size measuring tool that will measure your trailer’s dust cap, to help you select the correct Bearing Buddy® model. It will measure the five most common size dust caps, which represents about 95% of all dust cap sizes.