How do I know which Norton door closer I have?

How do you determine handing for a door closer?

  1. Push the door away from you as if you are going to walk thru the opening. If the hinges are on your right, it is a RH door.
  2. If you are on the pull side (hinge side) of the door, and the hinges are on your right, it is a LH door.

What is a Grade 3 door closer?

It is a grade 3 heavy-duty aluminum commercial door closer that complies with ANSI A156. 4, UL/ULC listed up to 3 hour fire rated. This closer has a fixed spring tension, size 4. Grade 3 ANSI A 156.4 with 500,000 cycles, UL Listed.

What are door closer sizes?

Most closers are adjustable, but the most common are a size 4 for an external 36 inch wide commercial door, and a size 3 for an internal commercial or residential application. There are some applications that may require a special type of closer, such as a hold open feature, positive or spring stop.

What is L and S on a door closer?

Some models have separate adjustments for “sweep” (“S”), which is the speed with which the door moves when it starts closing, and “latch” (“L”), which is the speed it moves when it is about to close.

What does BC mean on a door closer?

Door closer BC (or Back Check) means how the door responds when fully opened – the amount of resistance when opening the door past a certain point.

How do I know which door closer I need?

Check the width and height of the frame and door.

  1. Heavier doors will require a closer with a larger power size for optimal performance.
  2. If it is an extremely narrow frame, you may need to consider a concealed door closer.

What is the strongest door closer?

Resolution: The size 6 handed closers will have the most (strongest) closing force. The 4016 (pull side), the 4026 (top jamb push side) or the 4116 (push side parallel arm) have the highest closing force.

How do I know what door closer to Buy?

What is size 3 door closer?

This size 3 closer can be fixed to doors weighing up to 45kg and measuring up to 950mm wide and 2100mm high.