How do I link to a local npm package?

npm link –workspace will link the relevant package as a dependency of the specified workspace(s). Note that It may actually be linked into the parent project’s node_modules folder, if there are no conflicting dependencies.

How use npm local module?


  1. run npm i -g local-install.
  2. run npx install-local –save inside the target repository to install the local dependency.

What does npm link actually do?

npm link just creates two symbolic links. When you run npm link in a module’s root directory, npm creates a symbolic link from your “global node_modules” directory to the local module’s directory. The “global node_modules” directory is a special directory where all modules installed with npm install -g are stored.

Why is npm link not working?

To fix this, use node -v in each project and check the running version of node. Use nvm install x.x.x & nvm use x.x.x to match them up. Afterward, delete your node_modules , delete your package-lock. json , re-run npm i , and re-run npm link in your dependency folder and npm link myDependency in your project folder.

How do I create a local npm package?

In this tutorial, we will create and publish to the NPM registry, an NPM package using the following steps.

  1. Create an NPM registry account.
  2. Write some code that will become your NPM package.
  3. Test this locally.
  4. Add module.
  5. Publish your package to the NPM registry.
  6. Test your NPM package by using npm install.

How do you use yarn links?

yarn link (in package you want to link) This command is run in the package folder you’d like to consume. For example if you are working on react and would like to use your local version to debug a problem in react-relay , simply run yarn link inside of the react project.

How do I create a local NPM package?

How do I package npm?

To summarize what we did:

  1. Created an NPM Account from
  2. Login to the terminal using your npm credentials using the command, npm login .
  3. Initialized the package. json file using the npm init -y command.
  4. Wrote code.
  5. Deployed the package using, npm publish .
  6. Use your deployed package using npm i .

How do I test a local npm package?

You can do this by running npm link followed by the name of the local package. In this demo, the name of the package we want to test is jqq-package so you would run npm link jqq-package , but make sure to use the specific name of the package you are testing.

Where is npm link stored?

npm link installs the package as a symbolic link in the system’s global package location (‘/usr/local/lib`). This allows you to test the package while still developing it, without having to install it over and over again.

How do you link yarn?

Can I create my own NPM package?

Create a package. json file, on the command line, in the root directory of your Node. js module, run npm init : For scoped modules, run npm init –scope=@scope-name. For unscoped modules, run npm init.