How do I look up a liquor license in NY?

Alcohol License Check

  1. Agency: New York State Liquor Authority.
  2. Phone Number: (518) 474-3114.
  3. Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

How long is a NYS liquor license good for?

If you have a retail license to sell only beer for on-premises or off-premises consumption, your license lasts for three years. Off-premises liquor and wine licenses (liquor and wine stores) are also issued for three years. On-premises wine and liquor licenses are issued for two years.

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How much is a liquor license NYC?

Liquor license cost in New York City $960 for beer and cider (plus a $100 filing fee) $960 for wine, beer and cider (plus a $100 filing fee) $4,352 for on-premises liquor (plus a $200 filing fee) $5,850 for restaurant-brewer (plus a $200 filing fee)

How long does a temporary liquor license last?

Any person with a liquor licence can apply for a temporary liquor license. You can apply for a temporary liquor licence for 14 consecutive days at a time and for not more than 30 days in a year.

Can I buy alcohol with expired license during coronavirus New York?

Can You Buy Alcohol In Ny With An Expired License? A driver’s license issued by New York State that has expired can no longer be used to purchase alcohol.

How hard is it to get a liquor license in NY?

The review process currently takes approximately 22-26 weeks for most types of applications; however, most retail businesses are eligible to apply for a temporary permit that allows many applicants to be open and operating for alcoholic beverage sales typically in less than 30 days.

Is BYOB legal in New York?

No, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) is generally not legal in New York State. Applicants awaiting a liquor license may jeopardize their chances for approval for permitting such practices.

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How long does it take to get a liquor license in NYC?

What are the different types of liquor licenses in New York?

Within each group are numerous types of licenses. Each license type has a different set of application requirements. All on-premises, off-premises, manufacturing and wholesale applications are provided through New York Business Express as fillable forms. On-Premises Licensees can sell and serve alcohol by the glass for consumption on the premises.

How do I search for a license in New York State?

Search the Public License Query for active licenses in New York State by license number, address, premises or trade name, name of principal or by using an advanced search.

Do you need a license to sell alcohol in New York?

All businesses and eating or drinking establishments must have a license from the State to sell alcohol. You can find out if a business is licensed to sell alcohol. You can also file a complaint about a business selling alcohol. Check if a business has a liquor license. File a complaint with the New York State Liquor Authority.

Where can I find the license information for my Liquor License?

With the State Liquor Authority’s Public Query site now decommissioned for security reasons, license information can be found on our LAMP site and through New York’s Open Data site. We realize that there are certain gaps with this transition, and we are working to remedy those.