How do I reinstall Battlelog?

To do so, open your “My Games” library, click with the right mouse button on Battlefield 4 and choose “Repair Install”.

Does bf4 use Battlelog?

Battlefield 4 marked the release of the website’s third use, labeled as Battlelog 2.0. It was integrated into the game similarly to Battlefield 3 but allows owners of consoles to utilize features that were previously PC exclusive.

Does battlelog exist?

In case you haven’t noticed, Battlelog is now back and working again. Sorry for the downtime! We’re unfortunately experiencing some issues with our login system at the moment.

What is battlelog plugin?

Battlelog Browser Addon for the Battlefield games(PC)! Updated version of the old BBL: BBL is a Browser Add-on for Battlelog. A social network for a Battlefield game. * Added Extended Weapon Information.

Can I uninstall Battlelog web plugins?

if they’re in your downloads those are just the installers and can be deleted.

Why was battlelog discontinued?

Actually, as far as I know, the decision to ditch Battlelog was mostly related to security matters. Yes, it had decent bits, but as time progressed, it became pretty clear that it has too many, too deep security flaws. some couldn’t be addressed without basically starting from zero, some were out of EA’s control.

Is battlelog shut down?

A quick internet search revealed that this is because Battlelog, the awkward social system that DICE and EA once pushed into all of its Battlefield games, was shut down in 2016, and so players now have no way of squadding up in instalments that relied on the service to do exactly that.

What is better Battlelog?

Better Battlelog (BBLog) is a Browser Add-on for Battlelog. Battlelog is the social network for some shooter games from EA. Battlelog is a good piece of software but there’s always a way to improve things.

Is EngineOwning cheats legit?

EngineOwning is on activisions radar more than any other cheat. You will get banned even if you don’t rage and there is nothing you can do. Website says undetected, its not true don’t fall for it. Some of these positive reviews on here is from EO themselves.

What happened Battlelog app?

Since Battlelog is all but gone from Battlefield 1, this change makes sense. The app will now simply be called Battlefield Companion, complete with a new design and interface.