How do I remember the brachial plexus?

Illustration for the “3 Musketeers Assassinated 5 Rats, 5 Mice, and 2 Unicorns” Mnemonic The illustration shows how the fingers can be used to remember the spinal nerve contributions to the brachial plexus.

How can I remember my hand innervation?

Pad Dab (mnemonic)…This mnemonic recalls the four intrinsic muscles of the hand innervated by the median nerve, whereas all the other intrinsic muscles are ulnar nerve:

  1. F: flexor pollicis brevis.
  2. O: opponens pollicis.
  3. A: abductor pollicis brevis.
  4. L: lateral two lumbricals.

How do you remember muscles and nerves in the body?

Cranial nerve mnemonics to remember the names of the nerves in order include:

  1. On old Olympus’s towering top, a Finn and German viewed some hops.
  2. Ooh, ooh, ooh to touch and feel very good velvet. Such heaven!

How do I remember my shoulder muscles?

Mnemonic: Interlock the 2 fingers of both hands as shown in the fingure above. 2 fingers oriented upwards represent Humerus and Triceps long head. 2 fingers oriented laterally represent Teres minor and Teres major. Remember that all these 3 muscles attach on the lateral border of dorsal scapula.

How do you remember the root value of nerves?

Root values of terminal branches: 3 musketeers assassinated 5 rates, 5 mice and 2 unicorns.

  1. 3 musketeers: Musculocutaneous nerve (C5, C6, C7)
  2. Assasinated: Axillary nerve (C5-C6)
  3. 5 rats: Radial nere (C5, C6, C7, C8, T1)
  4. 5 mice: Median nerve (C5, C6, C7, C8, T1)
  5. 2 unicorns: Ulnar nerve (C8, T1)

What is cubital fossa?

The cubital fossa is a small triangular area located on the anterior surface of the elbow, with the apex of the triangle pointing distally. It contains some important structures, on their passage from the arm to forearm. [[1] It is homologous to the popliteal fossa of the lower limb.

How do you remember your upper limb innervation?

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  1. Introduction. Upper extremity nerve injuries may occur secondary to humerus fractures.
  2. The “ARM” Mnemonic. The “ARM” mnemonic is simple to use.
  3. A = Axillary Nerve. “A” stands for “Axillary” nerve.
  4. R = Radial Nerve. “R” stands for “Radial” nerve.
  5. M = Median Nerve.
  6. Conclusion.

What is palmaris brevis?

The palmaris brevis (PB) is a small muscle of variant morphology originating from the palmar aponeurosis to insert in the skin and fascia of the medial palm (Przystasz, 1977). The PB is uniquely innervated by the only motor component of the superficial branch of the ulnar nerve.

How do you remember anatomy attachments?

8 steps to make you remember origins and insertions

  1. 1) THE BIG PLAN. Work out how many muscles you need to know for your exam.
  2. 2) DIARISE. Create diary slots of 15 minutes that spread between now and your exam.
  4. 4) NAME IT.
  6. 6) BELIEVE IT.
  7. 7) GET MOVING.
  8. 8) RELAX.

What are the two heads of the ulnar and median?

Each enters forearm through two heads [ulnar: heads of flexor carpi ulnaris. median: heads of pro-nator teres]. Each has no branches in upper arm.

How does the ulnar and median bone enter the forearm?

Each enters forearm through two heads [ulnar: heads of flexor carpi ulnaris. median: heads of pro-nator teres]. Each has no branches in upper arm. Each makes two fingers claw when cut at wrist.

What is the difference between the median and ulnar nerves?

The Median nerve is the Middle of a giant capital “M” formed by the musculocutaneous and ulnar nerves. Ulnar nerve to ulnar artery and radial nerve to radial artery relations The ulnar nerve is “ulnar” to the ulnar artery.

What attaches to the medial lip of the groove?

Teres M ajor attaches to medial lip of groove. Latissimus (Lady) is on floor of the groove, between the Teres major and Pect. major Pectoralis M ajor to lateral lip of groove.