How do I reset my Venstar thermostat?

Press/hold the MODE and FAN buttons together until all of the icons appear on the screen. Release both buttons. Then press/hold FAN until ‘Fd’ momentarily appears. Release FAN button, then press/release MODE a few times until the thermostat returns to normal operation.

Who makes Venstar?

Surveyor currently controls the energy usage of more than 90,000 HVAC systems and Venstar lighting controllers in 22,000 retail locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Why is Skyport disabled?

This happens when the thermostat cannot communicate with the skyport server. The thermostat may have lost connection to your wifi network or have some other issue that causes skyport to reject a connection. If the wifi connection is good, please check the time/date on your thermostat (menu > set time & date).

How do you unlock venstar?

Press and hold the MODE button to lock or unlocked the thermostat buttons. Press the UP and DOWN arrow buttons while you hold the MODE button.

Why is my venstar thermostat offline?

Thermostat reports as offline One thing to be aware of is that none of the Venstar connected thermostats require skyweb access to function. The thermostat (if powered) will still be controlling the space to the last mode/setpoints and running a schedule normally if it was in that mode.

Why the thermostat is not working?

There simply may not be any power going to your thermostat. This could be caused by a poor connection, blown fuse, dead batteries, or a tripped circuit breaker. If all of these areas look good and your unit should be receiving power, the issue lies elsewhere.

What does the red light mean on my thermostat?

If you notice a red light coming from your thermostat during regular operation, this usually means that the outdoor unit shut itself off due to a problem and is locked out from normal operation. When this happens, the outdoor unit sends a signal to the thermostat to let you know there is a problem with the unit.

How do I connect my venstar thermostat to WiFi?

Go to the settings of the mobile device. Select Wi-Fi, then select the EXPLORER MINI thermostat (THERMOSTAT-XXXX). Enter the password: 123456789 when prompted. Return to the Configurator App and select “Continue”.

Why is my venstar offline?

How do I get venstar back online?

Easy. Remove the wifi device from the thermostat and re-insert it. It should then reconnect.

What is Venstar local API?

Control. Venstar Thermostat Local API allows developers to command and control Venstar thermostats from custom applications or integrate with other compatible systems. Venstar Thermostat Local API enables WiFi equipped Venstar thermostats to be controlled via the local network.

Why choose Venstar’s Skyport thermostat?

Control your thermostat from across the couch, or across the world. Venstar’s Powerful Web App for Skyport Cloud Services Provides New Power to Monitor and Control. This temperature sensor’s small size and long battery life make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Which Venstar colortouch thermostat should I buy?

Companion app lets you tweak the temperature from anywhere – and send text messages. Doubles as a small but attention-getting photo frame.” The Venstar ColorTouch T7850 is a good option if you are ready to upgrade your thermostat. It’s attractive and easy to navigate. The ColorTouch T7900 has a beautiful screen. It’s easy to read and looks great.

Why choose the Venstar colortouch t7900?

The ColorTouch T7900 has a beautiful screen. It’s easy to read and looks great. The ColorTouch has the novel ability to change the background “wallpaper” or act as a digital picture frame. The Consumer Technology Association names Venstar’s Explorer Mini Thermostat “Energy Efficient Product of the Year.