How do I set up my email account?

Most email accounts, including Microsoft 365, Exchange server accounts,,, and Google accounts can be set up in a few quick steps. Select Outlook > Preferences > Account .

How do I set up my email account with Exchange ActiveSync?

Select Advanced setupfrom the Choose an accountwindow in Step 2 above. The Advanced setupoption is the last option on the list, and you may have to scroll to see it. You can choose an Exchange ActiveSyncaccount or an Internet emailaccount. Unless your administrator has instructed you to use Exchange ActiveSync, select Internet email.

How do I add additional email accounts to my account?

After your first account is set up, follow these steps to add all subsequent email accounts. 1 Select Tools > Accounts . 2 Click the plus ( + ) sign > New Account . 3 Enter the email address of the account. 4 Follow the prompts to complete the account setup. See More…

How to create email account at mail com for free?

Follow the steps below to create email account at for free: Click on the Free Sign Up Button. Enter all mandatory fields (First Name, Last Name, Gender, etc.) Type in your desired Email Address out of our huge selection of 200 available domains (e.g.,,, etc.) Choose a secure Password (at least 8

To set up the account you need your information about your account settings, including incoming and outgoing mail server details. Your system administrator or Internet Service Provider can give you this information. You can include all messages in your mailbox or you can specify that only messages in your Inbox are synchronized.

How do I set up a Zimbra account?

Open Zimbra Desktop and in the right top corner, click Setup. Click ADD NEW ACCOUNT. In the Account Type list, select the account type. The Zimbra Account Setup page displays. Enter the following information. Account Name. This is the name that displays as the account name in Zimbra Desktop .

How often should I Sync my Zimbra account with the server?

The default is every 15 minutes. If you select manually, you must click Send/Receive on the Zimbra Desktop toolbar to synchronize your account with the Zimbra server. If you select too short of time, such as 1 minute, your computer’s performance could be impacted.

How do I set up the IMAP/SMTP service in QQ?

Sign in to your QQ account. Select Settings> Account> POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Exchange/CardDAV/CalDAV Service> Find IMAP/SMTP Service> Open. You might need to send a text message to enable this service. After you select Openin step 2, a dialog might appear prompting you to use your phone to send a message to the displayed phone number.