How do I start believing in Jesus?


  1. Have faith, feel good, be happy about your precious life and be positive.
  2. Listen to Christian music and praise Jesus.
  3. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He died to save you from your sins.
  4. Read about the Lives of the Saints.
  5. Read the bible, pray and follow the ten commandments.

Is Quran eternal or created?

Quranic createdness refers to the Islamic doctrinal position that the Quran was created, rather than having always existed and thus being “uncreated”. The Quran, of course, expresses God’s eternal will, but the work itself must have been created by Him at some point in time.

How is the Quran treated?

The Qur’an is treated with immense respect by Muslims because it is the sacred word of God. While the Qur’an is recited aloud, Muslims should behave with reverence and refrain from speaking, eating or drinking, or making distracting noise.

What is special about a hafiz?

Hafiz (/ˈhɑːfɪz/; Arabic: حافظ‎, romanized: ḥāfiẓ, حُفَّاظ, pl. ḥuffāẓ, حافظة f. ḥāfiẓa), literally meaning “guardian” or “memorizer”, depending on the context, is a term used by Muslims for someone who has completely memorized the Quran.

How do I learn to have faith in God?

How To Keep Your Faith Up—Even When Life Is Difficult

  1. Pray. Ask God, the universe, or whatever higher force you believe in for the strength to love to your full potential.
  2. Be generous to others.
  3. Get inspired.
  4. Surround yourself with people you admire.
  5. Get the ball rolling first thing in the morning.

Does the original Quran still exist?

The so-called Codex Parisino-petropolitanus formerly conserved portions of two of the oldest extant Quranic manuscripts. Most surviving leaves represent a Quran that is preserved in various fragments, the largest part of which are kept in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, as BNF Arabe 328(ab).

Who is the best reciter of Quran in the world?

The quadrumvirate of El Minshawy, Abdul Basit, Mustafa Ismail, and Al-Hussary are generally considered the most important and famous Qurra’ of modern times to have had an outsized impact on the Islamic world.

How can I be a believer of God?

You don’t need to be baptized to go to Heaven or to be a Christian, it is simply a public showing of our faith. In order to know God, you must have and keep a close relationship with Him. Read the Bible as often as possible, pray, and accept Him as your Savior. Attend church, if possible.