How do I transfer my LLC to Wyoming?

Submit your filing to the WY Secretary of State:

  1. Certificate of Good Standing and Certified Copy of the AOI.
  2. Articles of Domestication.
  3. Registered Agent Consent Form (We send to you)
  4. One set of originals and one set of copies.
  5. A $100 check for the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Does Wyoming allow domestication of LLC?

Domestication allows you to keep your company’s history and incorporation date while changing your home state. You can domesticate from any state to Wyoming.

Why do companies incorporate in Wyoming?

Many companies incorporate in Wyoming because the administrative costs are generally lower than in Delaware or Nevada. Unlike many states, Wyoming does not require licensing or filing fees to be paid to complete the process of incorporation.

Do I need to live in Wyoming to register my business?

Wyoming requires a principal place of business and mailing address, these do not need to be physical addresses, but the registered agent does need one. This is a service we provide. A non-resident can own an LLC.

How do I move my business to Wyoming?


  1. Verification of business name availability.
  2. Preparation and filing of documents.
  3. One full year of Registered Agent Service.
  4. Wyoming Secretary of State filing fee.
  5. Wyoming State Charter.
  6. Wyoming Articles of Continuance.
  7. Resolution authorizing move of corporate domicile.

Does Wyoming require an operating agreement?

Is an LLC Operating Agreement required in Wyoming? No. An Operating Agreement is not required in Wyoming. Although it is not required, the SBA recommends that all LLCs in every state have a clear and detailed Operating Agreement.

How do I transfer a business in Wyoming?

Transfer to Wyoming

  1. You can move any type of US company.
  2. Your company must be current with your state.
  3. We will send you an electronic document to sign giving us the right to move the company.
  4. About a week after that, we will send you a new corporate kit, if ordered.
  5. Once that is done you are done paying your state.

Why is Wyoming best for LLC?

There are significant benefits to forming an LLC in Wyoming such as unparalleled limited liability protection, fewer corporate formalities, no state income taxes, and privacy. Member and/or Manager names are never required on public record for an LLC in Wyoming.

Is Wyoming a tax haven?

Wyoming’s progressive trust and asset protection laws, combined with it being a “no tax” state, makes it the best on-shore tax haven states in the USA. It has been consistently rated as the #1 most wealth-friendly state by Bloomberg Wealth Manager and other similar publications.

Can Wyoming LLC have out of state address?

If you live in another state, you can form a Wyoming LLC even if you don’t live in Wyoming.

Do I need a Wyoming address for LLC?

Every business needs an address. When you start a business in Wyoming, you’ll be required by the state to list an address on your LLC or corporate formation documents. This is the address that will appear if someone searches for your business online in the state database.

What is a close LLC in Wyoming?

The Wyoming Close LLC is a slightly altered version of the Wyoming LLC (Limited Liability Company), allowing for greater restrictions on transfers, membership, membership rights, as well as dissolution.

Can a Wyoming LLC be involved in a lawsuit?

If Steven was looking to obtain certain legal benefits by having a Wyoming LLC, those benefits may not apply in a court of law. If Steven’s Wyoming LLC is involved in a lawsuit, the courts have discretion on which state laws apply.

Is Wyoming a Tax Free State for businesses?

As the highest-rated state in the nation for business tax friendliness yet again, Wyoming is one of a handful of states with no income or corporate tax whatsoever. But while other states that don’t tax income choose instead to tax sales heavily, Wyoming does not.

How do I start a business in Wyoming?

If you want to start a business in Wyoming, the links below will get you started with the Secretary of State’s Office. File Your Wyoming LLC, Profit or Nonprofit Online Now! How to Create a Wyoming Company! New! Fee Schedule – Took Effect July 1, 2021