How do I use a Spotify Premium gift card?

How to redeem and use a Spotify gift card

  1. Go to on your Mac or PC and log in to your Spotify account.
  2. Enter the PIN or code on the back of your gift card. For the zip code, use the zip code of the address you entered when you opened the account.
  3. When you are done, click “ENTER CODE.”

How do I know if my Spotify gift card is activated?

If you bought your gift card from a store, it might not have been activated when purchased. Please return to the store and ask them to activate it. Check the code hasn’t already been redeemed. You can check this on your account page.

How does a Spotify card work?

The Card is a single-use card. Accordingly, when you redeem a Gift Card or eGift Card for a Spotify Premium subscription, the full value of the Card will be used to purchase a number of months of subscription equal to the total value of the Card, divided by the per-month subscription fee.

Where do I enter my Spotify code?

To scan one, go to the search bar, tap the camera icon then hover the camera over a code on a phone, computer screen or printout. You also can upload a screenshot or photo of a Spotify Code to scan it when you see it shared in another app like Instagram or over text message.

Why is Spotify Premium not working?

You may have logged into the wrong account page. Try again with different login details. If you’re sure you don’t have another account, see “Check your payment status”. Log out and back into the app.

Why won’t Spotify take my credit card?

Make sure your payment method has sufficient funds, and is: Registered in the same country to your Spotify account. Not expired or canceled. Enabled for foreign, secure online, and recurring purchases.

Why is my Spotify Premium code not working?

Check the country registered to your account is the same as where the gift card was purchased. Tip: Check out Spotify’s guide to changing your country settings. If you bought your gift card from a store, it might not have been activated when purchased. Please return to the store and ask them to activate it.

Is Spotify Premium worth?

Spotify Premium: Verdict. However, if you need to hear the latest songs, want full control over playback, save offline and avoid ads, Spotify Premium is more than worth the cash. Even if Spotify HiFi ends up as a separate, even more expensive tier, Premium would still likely be an attractive middle ground.

How do I use a premium code?

The steps to redeeming your Youtube Premium Code are as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account and go to or
  2. Enter the code and click Next.
  3. Choose what you want to buy and then choose Google Pay as your payment option.
  4. Finally, click Buy to redeem your code.

How long does it take to activate Spotify Premium?

It can take 48 hours or so.

How do I know my Spotify is premium?

Welcome to the Spotify community! To check out the details of your subscription, just log in to your account page and select Subscription in the menu on the left. Here you can: Confirm your subscription status (Premium or Free).

How long does it take for Spotify Premium to activate?

How to set up Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium sure makes life easy, but it’s still a paid subscription, and those can add up. If you’re looking to save a little on monthly subscriptions and don’t listen to a lot of music

How to get Spotify Premium within the app?

– Open your web browser and then go to the Spotify home page. – Click the button “Upgrade”, it will navigate to the premium page. – Tap “Get Premium”, it will prompt you to input your payment info to complete the subscription.

How do you sign up for Spotify Premium?


  • Click the Get Started button.
  • Enter in all of your details,double-check them for accuracy,and hit the Buy Spotify Premium Duo button.
  • Then,follow the instructions to invite your co-member to join your Spotify Duo plan.
  • How do I get my Spotify Premium?

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