How do I use my Eleaf Istick?

How to use istick 50W. Press the rectangle button for five times to turn on the battery, and then long press it to get a puff. Loosen the button to stop puff. Switch the VV/VW mode: Press the rectangle button for three times to switch the VV/VW mode when the battery is on.

How do I change my vape settings?

How Do I Change Modes? Most mods will allow you to change between modes by pressing the fire button three times rapidly, and then either scrolling through using three more clicks of the fire button, or using the + and – buttons.

How do I change the wattage on my vape?

Easy. To change your mod setting from voltage to wattage mode, simply press the plus (+) button while at the same time holding down the power button.

What are the different settings on a vape?

What Are the Different Vaping Modes and What Do They Mean?

  • Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage Mode. When you turn a vape mod on for the first time, it’ll probably start in variable wattage mode.
  • Temperature Control Mode.
  • Wattage Curve Mode.
  • Bypass Mode.
  • Smart Vaping Mode.

What wattage should I vape at?

On the contrary, even 10 watts is sufficient to guarantee a satisfying vape, which may be ideal for new vapers. As you become more experienced, it’s safe to say that vaping starts to shine between the range of 40 and 50 watts.

How do I change my vape from Watts to Volts?

To change your mod setting from voltage to wattage mode, simply press the plus (+) button while at the same time holding down the power button. Likewise, to change from wattage to voltage mode, press the power button while at the same time holding down the minus (-) button.

What is the eleaf istick box mod?

The Eleaf iStick Box MOD by iSmoka has rapidly gained a lot of notoriety from vapers around the world. This phenomenal device is complete with just the right amount of features. Like many Eleaf Mods it’s the perfect size for comfortably carrying around and using on a daily basis—something that is generally difficult to do with other box MODs.

Does the eleaf istick have variable voltage and variable wattage?

The Eleaf iStick features both variable voltage and variable wattage capability, providing for an exceptionally enjoyable hit each and every time. Unlike many other variable voltage/variable wattage devices that are complicated to switch between, this remarkable box MOD can be converted from one to the other with a simple click of a button.

What to do if you bought eleaf istick from anywhere?

If you bought Eleaf iStick from anywhere, first,you should distinguish whether you bought the original eleaf istick! and how to distinguis… Good News, Eleafworld have launched Eleaf iStick TC 60W , so as the official authentic distributor website would launched it too…

What is the battery capacity of the ismoka eleaf istick?

The iSmoka Eleaf iStick is power-packed with a whopping 2200 mAh battery capacity, making it a very long-lasting device that will last for hours before needing a charge. Although it is equipped with a native 510 thread connection, iSmoka included a 510-to-eGo thread adapter for maximum compatibility.