How do I use my Lyca calling card?

How it works

  1. Step1: Register & Top-up. Simply create a Lycatalk personal account by register your phone numbers – either landline, mobile or both.
  2. Step2: Dial an Access Number. Dial our service using the given access numbers.
  3. Step3: Dial the Destination Number & Follow-on Call.

What is 4 digit PIN on Lycatalk?

A 4-Digit PIN must be entered once for your first call to every new country. Customers will hear the 4-Digit PIN right after entering new Calling Card PIN at the time of account activation.

How can I know my Lycamobile number?

Get your mobile number To view your Lyca Mobile phone number on your mobile screen, dial * 132 #. Also, your Lyca Mobile number is sent automatically upon registration.

How do I make an international call on Lycamobile?

When it comes to making international calls, Lyca Mobile works in the same way as other mobiles or landlines. Simply dial 011 followed by the country code you are calling, then the area code without the first 0 and then the phone number and press the call button.

How do I get my Lyca PIN number?

Your PUK code is displayed on the SIM card holder that came in your starter pack. Please retain it for safe keeping. If not please call our Customer Services team on 1300 854 607 and they will be happy to help you.

How do I find out my Lyca number?

Get your mobile number

  1. To view your Lyca Mobile number on your mobile screen, dial *132 followed by # or dial 97#.
  2. Your Lyca Mobile number is also printed on the back of your SIM booklet.

How do I get a voicemail access number?

Android phones can access voicemail by holding down the 1 key on the dial pad until the phone dials your 10-digit phone number. You will automatically connect to your mailbox and be prompted to enter your temporary password; this password is the last 4 digits of your phone number followed by the # key.

How do I contact Lycatalk customer services?

Lycatalk Customer services are open 24 Hours a day,7 days a week. Please contact Customer Services either on 1800 884 9525. Title. * Enter Title. First Name: * Enter Firstname. Last Name: * Enter Lastname.

How do I Register my phone numbers to use ly Catalk?

Open an account at and register your phone numbers – either landline, mobile or both and follow the steps below.

What is Lycatalk pinless telecom service?

Lycatalk PINless telecom service provides low cost international calling rates to make cheap phone calls from your existing phone numbers in just two easy steps register and top-up. loginWelcome Change Language english Change Country UK Norway Canada USA Create Account Reseller Login