How do you beat the Iron Golem in bg2?

The iron golem should be immune to all forms of magic damage, although a lightning bolt will have the effect of slow on it and a fireball will actually heal it. If you have someone that can use the axe you get in the room, use only that character to fight the iron golem at the door.

Do you need a cleric bg2?

It is possible to solo the game with a non-cleric character and varying amounts of effort. So no, a cleric is not mandatory, but fun. It can also be a good idea to create a custom cleric companion at the start, so you don’t need to take one of the few available cleric NPC companions.

What is the best class in Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition?

The Gnome Fighter Illusionist is the best class in the Baldur’s Gate series. The best class for solo is the Sorcerer or Kensai Mage dual-class build.

How much XP do you start bg2 with?

Newly created playable characters will start with: 89,000 XP in SoA; 500,000 in BP2; and 2,500,000 in ToB.

Who can use Carsomyr?

Carsomyr, also known as The Holy Avenger, is a powerful two-handed sword which can only be wielded by non-evil aligned paladins. This limits the use of the weapon to a paladin Gorion’s Ward, Keldorn, or those with access to Use Any Item.

In what order should I play the Baldur’s Gate games?

The Baldur’s Gate is well balanced between both. I would recommend you to start with Baldur’s Gate Saga, then pick Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale Saga as the last. That was about Infinity engine games, the next one I would recommend is Neverwinter Nights with its expansions and the other play in random order.

What level should I start BG2?

new game starts character at level 8 :: Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition BG2EE general discussion (spoilers)

What level does Baldur’s Gate 1 go to?

At the time of writing, the max level cap of baldur’s gate in its early access build is level 4. There is an experience cap. The experience cap is 161,000.

Can blackguards use Carsomyr?

Tl; dr Can blackguards wield Carsomyr? Yes, as long as they have lawful good alignment.

How do I get Carsomyr?

Carsomyr +5 In Shadows of Amn, it can be obtained by slaying the red dragon Firkraag in Firkraag’s Hideout.

Is Icewind Dale part of baldurs gate?

Icewind Dale is a sister game series to Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment, which was developed by Black Isle Studios.

Is Baldur’s Gate 3 canon?

The Bhaalspawn Saga from the Baldur’s Gate series initially had three endings for players to choose from, but only one of them is canon in the lore of Dungeons & Dragons. This canon ending is also confirmed to be true in the story of Baldur’s Gate 3, as Bhaal has returned as the God of Murder.

What are the best spells in Baldur’s Gate 2?

[Top 15] Baldur’s Gate 2 Best Spells 01. Summon Planetar (Good / Neutral Wizard Spell) or Summon Dark Planetar (Evil / Neutral Wizard Spell) 02. Chain Contingency (Wizard Spell) 03. Minor Sequencer / Spell Sequencer (Wizard Spells) 04. Dispel Magic (Priest Spell) 05. Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting

What is the best summoning spell in Bg2?

This is by far the best summoning spell in BG2. Summoned creatures are immune to most effects. Summoned creatures have 90% Magic Resistance, 60% Missile Resistance, 50% Piercing Resistance and 40% Slashing Resistance. There is a 5% chance to summon two undead instead of one. At caster level 15, this spell summons a powerful Skeleton Warrior.

What are the best Level 2 spells for Bgee?

From the level 2 spells, I find Web, Mirror Image, Knock, Invisibility and Resist Fear very good. And Strength for BGEE, if nobody else in the party learns it.

What are the best spells to learn at Level 2?

From the level 2 spells, I find Web, Mirror Image, Knock, Invisibility and Resist Fear very good. And Strength for BGEE, if nobody else in the party learns it. Find familiar just for soloing. İf you want to full party member you can skip knock also.