How do you calculate food storage?

Here’s how it works: step by step to make it easy.

  1. Take your family’s favorite meal.
  2. Write out the recipe and times it by 12 (this will give you a year’s worth of that meal if you plan on eating it once a month.)
  3. Buy enough of the items to stock your pantry for a year of that meal.
  4. Do it again for the next meal.

How much food should I have stored?

Stockpile enough food to provide at least 2000 calories and 1 gallon of water per day, per person for an emergency or natural disaster. The minimum storage requirement for the 72-hour emergency kit, suggested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is 6000 calories and 3 gallons of water per person.

How much food storage do I need for one year?

The amount of food storage you should have to sustain an average adult for 1 year is 390lbs of grains, 70lbs of beans/legumes, 25lbs of dried meats, 90lbs of dry dairy, 25lbs of fats and oils, 60lbs of sugars, 90lbs of dried fruits, and an assortment of other goods.

How do you build a stockpile of food?

Take the amount of food you’d typically need to purchase to feed your family for a day, multiply by seven, and you’ve got a one-week supply. Each week (or month if you’re low on funds), try to buy one extra week’s worth of food. Gradually expand and build up to a one month stock, then a three-month supply, etc.

What food should I stock up on a crisis?

Shelf-stable foods to keep on hand include:

  • Beans, dried and canned.
  • Grains – rice, pasta, cornmeal, rice in pouches.
  • Dried and canned vegetables.
  • Pickled foods.
  • Dried and canned fruits.
  • Juices and other beverages (instant coffee, tea).
  • Breakfast cereals.

How does the food storage calculator work?

The calculator has broken down food into its basic ingredients to give you an idea of the minimum amount that you will need to make basic meals for you and your family. Our goal with this food storage calculator was to make it complete with a variety of foods and easy to use.

How many cans can you store in a food storage calculator?

It’ll store up to 36 cans depending on the can sizes being stored. This canned food organizer can help you put the above food storage calculator to use and build a working, rotating food storage and make organizing as easy as pie! Consider Gossners U.H.T. Milk as an alternative to powdered milk for shorter-term food storage. This milk is awesome!

What is the food calculator?

Our Food Calculator allows you to determine how much food for 1 year (any size group), showing detailed amounts required in all the different food categories. Search Cart0ProductProducts(empty)

How do I know the recommended quantities of food to store?

The recommended quantities will appear in the bottom pane. Always rotate your stored food into your normal diet, using up the oldest products first. This will save you a lot of money and prevent waste. How Much Do You Need to Store?