How do you calculate power factor in Excel?


  1. Open the Excel 2010 spreadsheet where you need to multiply a number by a power.
  2. Click on an empty cell and type the following formula: =POWER(x,y) Where “x” is the number you want to multiply, and “y” is the power you want to multiply it by.
  3. Press “Enter” to complete your formula.

What is the formula for power factor correction?

The objective is to determine the required reactive power (Qc (kvar)) to be installed, in order to improve the power factor (cos φ) and reduce the apparent power (S). Qc can be determined from the formula Qc = P (tan φ – tan φ’), which is deduced from the diagram.

How is APFC rating calculated?

Calculation of required capacitor:

  1. Suppose Actual P.F is 0.8, Required P.F is 0.98 and Total Load is 516KVA.
  2. Power factor = kwh / kvah.
  3. kW = kVA x Power Factor.
  4. = 516 x 0.8 = 412.8.
  5. Required capacitor = kW x Multiplying Factor.
  6. = (0.8 x 516) x Multiplying Factor.

How do you calculate kVAR from kW and PF?

Calculate the reactive power in kVAR for the 7.5 kW motor-operated 0.9pf….kW to kVAR Conversion chart:

S. No kW kVAR
1 0.75 0.36
2 1.1 0.53
3 1.5 0.73
4 2.2 1.07

How do you do Power Pivot in Excel?

Here’s how you enable Power Pivot before using it for the first time.

  1. Go to File > Options > Add-Ins.
  2. In the Manage box, click COM Add-ins> Go.
  3. Check the Microsoft Office Power Pivot box, and then click OK.

What is PFC controller?

PFC (power factor correction; also known as power factor controller) is a feature included in some computer and other power supply boxes that reduces the amount of reactive power generated by a computer. Reactive power operates at right angles to true power and energizes the magnetic field.

How does power factor controller work?

The power factor controller permanently monitors the reactive power of the installation and controls the power factor. The control is done by connecting and disconnecting the power capacitor banks. When the power factor decreases, the controller activates the capacitors sequentially.

Is standard for APFC panel?

This Indian Standard is applicable to low voltage a.c. Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) panels intended to be used for automatic power factor correction purposes, equipped with capacitor banks and switching device (s) (either electro-mechanical or electronic) and other components with the aim to correct the …

Why are detuned reactors required for APFC panels?

The harmonic filter (Detuned) is to limit the flow of harmonic current from non-linear loads on the reactor to the fixed impedance loads (eg capacitor). To reduce the harmonic coupling current we need to increase the line impedance to which the capacitor is connected.

How do you convert HP to kVAR?

Horsepower to kVA formula kVA are equal to the horsepower times 0.746 divided by the motor efficiency times the power factor.

How do you convert kVA kW to kVAR?

kVA is a unit of apparent power in kilo rating. kVAR is the unit of reactive power in kilo rating. Look at the above formula, the kVA is equal to the square root of the sum of the square of the kW and KVAR.

How to calculate power factor correction using a static capacitor?

Power Factor correction using a static capacitor Calculation formulas as follows: Q1 = I losses + Cu losses Q2 = P kW · (Tanφ 1 – Tanφ 2)

How to select the power factor correction equipment?

The selection of the Power Factor Correction equipment can follow a 4-step process: 1. Calculation of the requested reactive energy, 2. Selection of the compensation mode: ● Global, for the complete installation, ● By sectors, ● For individual loads, such as large motors.

What are the temperature requirements for power factor controllers?

The controller placed inside the panel shall have the reliability to withstand the operating temperature of at least 50 °C or more. C/k setting: C/k value is used in the setting of old generation Power Factor Controllers, however it is found rarely to be used in panels now.

How does the power factor correction control loop work?

• Power factor correction control loop (see the Power Factor Correction Control Loop section) • The output is decimated at the switching frequency for the control loop. The effective number of bits (ENOB) is >7 when the current loop bandwidth is 10 kHz; the ENOB is >10 when the current loop bandwidth is 1 kHz.