How do you caption a picture?

Writing captions in your smartphone takes just all the same steps. To use Google Photos, download them from the Play Market for Android or App Store for IOS. Open the photo that you want to caption and tap it to expand. At the screen bottom, tap the i button and add a description to the field.

How do you write a description of a photo?

How To Write a Great Photo DescriptionWrite a Simple Title That Summarizes the Picture. Add Timeless Details to Describe the Picture. Give the Picture Context So That It Pertains to the Subject Matter. Polish Your Work.

How do you write evocatively?

Writing Descriptions with Evocative ImageryLess is More. When you are good at something, you usually want to keep doing it, right? Work the Setting into the Story, Not Vice Versa. Remain Within Your Character’s Point of View. Use the Senses to Show the Action. Example. Final Thoughts From Janalyn.

How do you write action words?

Action Words in Academic WritingAnalyze. Break down the topic into its parts and explain how the parts relate to each other and to the whole. Argue. Examine a particular topic and the controversy that might surround it and take a stance or a position on the topic. Compare/Contrast. Define. Discuss. Explain. Identify. Interpret.

How do you write action?

Here are 8 tips to help you pace and write an action novel:Understand ‘action’ and ‘pace’ (and what weakens them)Favour active voice.Describe deeds, movements and gestures.Focus on characters’ goals.Keep setting and other description relevant to action.Use shorter sentences to increase pace.

How do you write a character action?

Writing movement and action in dialogue: 6 tipsUse background action to add tone and mood.Add movement to dialogue to keep the story moving.Use mid-dialogue actions for tense interruption.Reveal character relationships through movement and action.Add dramatic emphasis to characters’ emotions in a scene.Use movement, gesture and action to reveal personality.