How do you change your lifetime aspiration on Sims 3?

When a Lifetime Wish has been completed, they have fulfilled their greatest desire and will no longer have a Lifetime Wish. You also cannot change the wish with the Change Lifetime Wish Reward (10,000 lifetime happiness points). Find the 10,000 point lifetime reward, Change Lifetime Wish.

How do you use lifetime rewards on Sims 3?

Hold Control and Click in the blank space just to the right of the treasure chest. Move your mouse around while quickly clicking to find the sweet spot. Once you hit it, click like mad to increase your current Sim or Pet’s Lifetime Points.

What lifetime reward is the best Sims 3?

The collection helper lifetime reward is highly recommended to most Sims 3 families. The Collection Helper is updated to track minor animals with The Sims 3 Pets installed. Makes a Sim much better at the various eating contests in Seasons.

What can you do with lifetime happiness on Sims 3?

Lifetime happiness is points rewarded to Sims by fulfilling promised wishes. Achieving lifetime happiness is a measure of a Sim’s life in The Sims 3 and is memorialized by the size of their gravestone. Sims can accumulate lifetime happiness points which can be redeemed for lifetime rewards.

How many lifetime wishes are in Sims 3?

The Sims 3 Base Game

Name Goal Lifetime Happiness
Hit Movie Composer Reach level 10 in the Music career track (Symphonic branch) 30,000
Illustrious Author Master the Writing Skill Master the Painting Skill 30,000
International Super Spy Reach level 10 in the Law Enforcement career track (Special Agent branch) 30,000

Where can you WooHoo in Sims 3?

Where Can You WooHoo in The Sims 3?

  • Tour Locations. Your Sim can WooHoo in the military base, the movie theater, the science lab, City Hall, the film studio, and the Vault of Antiquity.
  • Tent. The option to WooHoo in a tent (or have a tent at all!)
  • Double Beds.
  • Sarcophagus.
  • Time Machine.
  • Hot Tub.
  • Elevator.
  • Actor Trailer.

How do you change a Sims lifetime wish?

Press shift+Ctrl+C then type testingcheatsenabled true then press Shift and click on your sim and choose edit sim, then you can select new traits and/or a new LTW. Note: This will reset your sims age, and possibly erase any Lifetime Rewards purchased.

How do you reverse the freeze potion in Sims 3?

The birthday cake should work. It even tells you when you get the potion to use the cake to age them up. I just went in the game and tried and after drinking the age freeze potion I was able to age up using the birthday cake, cheat to trigger age and take the sim back into CAS to change the age.

What does Philosophers Stone do in Sims 3?

The philosopher’s stone is a reward object in The Sims 3: Supernatural that allows a Sim to turn portable items into gold ingots as well as allowing the household to summon playable ghosts.

Can you change lifetime wish Sims 3?

If you think your Sim’s lifetime wish is too hard, or you picked something like the Perfect Private Aquarium and find you don’ like fishing, consider using this reward to change the lifetime wish.

How do you complete heartbreaker lifetime wish?

Hank’s lifetime wish is to break the hearts of ten women. To do this, he must break up with ten other Sims. This means going steady, then breaking up soon after. This process usually involves Going steady, then WooHoo followed by complaints and insults directed at everything Hank knows about the Sim.

Can two girls WooHoo in Sims 3?

WooHoo interactions can be carried out between two Sims, regardless of gender, that have to be romantically interested in each other.

What is platinum aspiration in Sims 4?

This Sim has a lifelong dream to earn an unbelievably large amount of money in their lifetime. When this want is fulfilled, this Sim will achieve Platinum Aspiration for the rest of his or her lifetime. This Sim has a life long desire to own this many Top-Level Businesses!

What are the lifetime wishes in the Sims 3?

Below is a complete list of lifetime wishes available in The Sims 3 . Sims with the Ambitious trait will gain 15% more lifetime happiness points (rounded to multiples of 500). For example, an Ambitious Sim with the Gold Digger lifetime wish will earn 23,000 points instead of 20,000.

How does the Freetime expansion pack affect Sim’s Lifetime Aspiration score?

If the FreeTime expansion pack has been added, the first Lifetime Want realized by a Sim will contribute to that Sim’s Lifetime Aspiration score, but will not create perma-plat status unless the Sim is close to maxing out his or her Lifetime Aspiration Meter.

What is the difference between family aspiration and fortune aspiration Sims 4?

For example, a Sim with the Family aspiration will tend to have a family-related LTW, such as having a specific number of children or grandchildren, whereas a Sim with the Fortune aspiration will tend to want to earn a certain amount of money during his or her lifetime.