How do you complete Mythology Island on Poptropica?

After you defeat the vicious thunder god, he’ll retreat, and Athena will appear. She’ll commend your bravery and congratulate you by bestowing the Island Medallion upon you, along with 200 credits to spend in the Poptropica stores! Congratulations, you’ve completed Mythology Island!

How do you get to Zeus on Poptropica?

Use the mirror to travel to the Poseidon lake. Underwater, Hercules opens the rock passage to the Throne Room, and Poseidon gives you his trident to assist in your upcoming battle with Zeus. The next step is to use the mirror one more time to travel to the gates to Olympus on Main Street.

How do you get into Hades throne room on Poptropica?

He will give you his trident. Now, go back to Hercules, and go to Hades’ realm. Hercules will push the boulder aside, and you can enter the throne room. Meet Hades, and he will give you his crown.

How do you get to Poseidon on Poptropica?

Poseidon will give you his trident, which will aid you in battle with Zeus. To reach him, you must go to the Grove of Temples. In his temple, use the starfish as an offering to enter his realm. Go to his beach, and swim down into the ocean maze.

How do you get Hercules to help Poptropica?

You need Hercules’s strength to get to some locations on Mythology Island, but the hero is reluctant to help you. Hercules will follow you after you obtain a mirror from Aphrodite and collect five items for Zeus: a Hydra scale, a rare flower, the Minotaur’s ring, Cerberus’s whisker and Poseidon’s pearl.

Where is Cerberus in Poptropica?

Go to Euterpe, the muse with the reed pipe, and do what she says. She’ll then give you a memory test. If you pass, she’ll give you the musical score and tells you that you can use the music to put Cerberus to sleep. You’ll find him at the other side of River Styx.

How do you calm the dogs in Poptropica?

Zeus asks you to get one of his whiskers, which you soon discover that it is impossible, since he bites you if you try. To defeat him, use the pipe and a song to put him to sleep, allowing you to take one of his whiskers.

How do you get the hydra scale on Poptropica?

The Hydra’s Scale is one of the Five Sacred Items on Mythology Island. It is found in a cave under Poseidon’s realm. The Hydra resides in said cave, and it must be defeated by jumping on each of its heads after it lunges out. When it is knocked out, the scale can be obtained.

How do you move Hercules in Poptropica?

Run back to main Street and go into the “Herc’s Hero Hut” Go right and talk to Hercules. He will be reluctant to help you but he finally caves in when you tell him about the teleportation mirror. Now take him to Poseidon’s Realm (the first one on the mirror.) He will open the block for you, and you can go in.

How do I get Cerberus’s Whisker on Poptropica?

Go to the underworld and play the tune on your reed pipe in front of Cerberus. He will fall asleep and you can take the whisker from him.