How do you get out of Twilight Town in kh2?

Run left or right to avoid, then move in to execute attacks of your own. Once Seifer is defeated, you must follow a mysterious being through the woods….Part 1 – Twilight Town.

# Treasure Location
05 Hi-Potion The Woods. Northeast corner of the area.
06 Hi-Potion Tram Common. In front of building north of Sandlot exit.

Why is Sora in Twilight Town?

DiZ, Ansem the Wise, got Namine to move Sora into the abandoned mansion. There he hooked the pod up to a data computer which held the fake Twilight Town, converted a captured Roxas into data, and put him into the town.

Is Twilight Town real kh2?

The Simulated Twilight Town is a world from Kingdom Hearts II and makes a brief appearance in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The virtual Twilight Town was a false Twilight Town created by DiZ as an attempt to keep Roxas contained while throwing off Organization XIII.

Why is Roxas virtual in Twilight Town?

Roxas was put into the virtual Twilight Town in order to be safe from the Organization’s cluthes and to complete Sora. The only way the latter was possible was if Roxas were converted to data.

Is everyone in Twilight Town a nobody?

No, but when I’ve read about Twilight Town in wikipedia it says its the place where nobodies are born including Roxas, but it doesn’t mean everyone is.

When can I go back to Twilight Town?

You’ll have to travel through Assault of the Dreadnought to get back to Twilight Town and it can be a rough ride. Head to the Station Plaza then into the Underground Concourse via the door labeled “5”.

Is it always twilight in Twilight Town?

Sure it’s called “Twilight Town”, but it always being the same time ingame is most likely a gameplay limitation.

Is Roxas in a simulation?

Once Riku returns with an unconscious Roxas in tow, Ansem placed Roxas inside the Simulated Twilight Town in order to hide Roxas from the Organization until it was time for Roxas to return to Sora.

How long was Roxas in the simulation?

4 He Had A Six Day Summer Vacation In A Fake Twilight Town Roxas’ life in the Twilight Town simulation was very different than the one he actually had. He had three new friends, Hayner, Pence, and Olette, who only had a week left of their summer vacation and didn’t want to go back to school.

Who is DiZ kh?

DiZ is an enemy of Organization XIII. He makes his first appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories, stating he can help Riku. He is the true Ansem the Wise. His whole body is covered with red mummy-like bandages.

Are Roxas and Xion siblings?

Thus the answer is no, Roxas and Xion are not related.

What happened to namine?

When the Demon Tide attacked, it split Naminé away from Kairi’s heart but Naminé managed to retain her own heart and her existence because Kairi holding onto to those deeply connected to her; this being Naminé herself, and Sora.