How do you get the ctOS tower in the wards?

The Wards District ctOS Towers Pass through the unlocked gate opposite the tower, then head upstairs. Go up the ladder here, then walk through the next gate. Wait until the train has passed, then get on the tracks and walk towards the tower itself.

How do you hack ctOS boxes in Watch Dogs?

Turn the lower left point three times, then the point above it twice. Turn the point in the lower right corner twice, then unlock the point above and turn it three times (four total clicks). Now turn the point in the lower left corner two more times to unlock the final point.

How do you do the ctOS breach in Brandon docks?

Brandon Docks / Umani Technologies Use the truck to get to the stairs outside and reach the first box. From the first box, jump to the railing and head left. Keep following the stairs to reach the second box. The second box will be behind some debris, so shoot the propane tank to destroy it and hack the box.

Where are all the ctOS towers in Watch Dogs?


  • River East Tower, located in Mad Mile.
  • Gold Coast Tower, located in Mad Mile.
  • Franklin Tower, located in Mad Mile.
  • Theatre Square Tower, located in The Loop.
  • South Side Campus Tower, located in The Loop.
  • Riverside Tower, located in The Loop.
  • Woodpark West Tower, located in The Wards.

How do you unlock Brandos docks ctOS Tower?

Southeast Brandon Docks ctOS Tower Hop into the car and drive it into the carrier ahead. Hack the carrier to raise it, then drive forwards to jump onto the roof. Exit the car, go through the gate and climb the ladder then unlock the Tower.

How do you hack the ctOS tower in Mad Mile?

Walk to the north edge and hack the Switch Console opposite. Now cross over the glass awnings to reach the Tower building, climb over the vents then hack the Building Security Router. Jump from camera to camera to unlock the next Switch Console. Exit the camera, then head through the gate and unlock the Tower.

What happened to the ctOS mobile app?

The CTOS Mobile App was the companion app for Watch Dogs, released on May 27, 2014 for iOS and Android systems. It was removed in 2017.

What happened to the Watch Dogs app?

Is there an app for Watch Dogs?

Ubisoft is celebrating today’s highly anticipated launch of Watch Dogs with a new companion app for iOS and Android devices. The free app, dubbed ctOS Mobile, puts “Chicago in the palm of your hand,” letting you connect to and play live with any Watch Dogs player who is logged in.