How do you get to the benchmark universe?

Type or copy the Benchmark Universe website address in the browser address bar and press Enter. The Benchmark Universe Sign in page appears. Type your user name in the Type your user name box. Type your password in the Type your password box and press Enter or click Sign In.

What is benchmark universe?

Benchmark Universe is a web-based application that provides a single point of access to a diverse range of digital tools and products for teachers, students, and administrators published by Benchmark Education Company. Benchmark Universe is based on a best-practices, blended learning approach.

What is Benchmark online assessment?

Benchmark assessments, also frequently called interim assessments, are intended to be something between formative and summative assessments. They are fixed assessments, evaluating students against specific grade-level standards and learning goals rather than simply taking a quick pulse of understanding.

What is Benchmark literacy?

Benchmark Literacy is a comprehensive K-6 reading program for districts that want a true balanced literacy approach to meeting the Common Core Standards in English or Spanish. Benchmark Literacy addresses the needs of above-, on-, and below-level readers as well as English language learners and special needs students.

How do you print a benchmark assessment?

To print a classroom or benchmark assessment from the Dashboard, locate the assessment in the Assessment Summary section [1], then click the Print Assessment icon [2]. The Print Assessment page opens in a new browser tab. To control the appearance of the printed assessment, select Print Options.

Is benchmark universe a curriculum?

“We at Benchmark Education Company are focused on continuing our tradition of developing the highest-quality curriculum resources for teachers and students, and we are proud to offer programs and products that are applicable in any teaching and learning environment.”

What happens if you fail a benchmark test?

What happens if you fail a benchmark test? Students are given remediation in their reports based on their incorrect answers. So even if they fail, they can get the help they need to get back on track.

Do benchmarks count as grades?

Benchmark tests come in all forms, but generally speaking, they’re tests that are given after a certain unit is taught, a grade is completed, or they’re given as a subject level evaluation.

Is benchmark advanced research based?

Print + Digital | English & Spanish Ready to Advance embodies everything I learned as both an author and practitioner. The program is well-designed and research-based, effectively meeting the needs of each child as they prepare for Kindergarten and beyond.

What are Benchmark assignments?

A “benchmark assignment” is a major assignment completed as part of the TIE program that demonstrates a student’s attainment of certain competencies required by the ISTE Technology Facilitator and Illinois Technology Specialist standards.